Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Philippine Launch

RHEL 6 at Shangrila Hotel – Makati

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

Last March 2, 2011, I was invited to join the Philippine Launch of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 in Makati Sharila Hotel – Quezon Ballroom.  The new Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 or also called as RHEL 6,   will delivers advances in application performance, scalability and security. With RHEL 6, you can deploy physical, virtual, and cloud computing within your data center, reducing complexity, increasing efficiency, and minimizing administration overhead  while leveraging technical skills and operational know-how. According to Mr. Patrick Lim – General Manager of RED HAT ASIA PACIFIC, RHEL 6 is an ideal platform to translate current and future technology innovations into the best value and scale for IT solutions.

Patrick Lim



A new task scheduler algorithm allows to get their fair share of CPU time and reduces the amount of time that the kernel needs to schedule tasks. Improved hardware awareness allows the kernel to not only take better advantage of multi-core and NUMA architectures, but, when possible consolidate tasks to fewer CPU sockets , reducing power consumption.

• Power Management
• Scalability
• File system
• Reliability, availability, Serviceability
• High availability


Red hat enterprise linux forges new ground in managing processing, memory, storage and network resources.

• System resource allocation
• Storage
• Networking


Red hat enterprise linux provides a complete portfolio of security technologies with solutions for all facets of your system, data, and communications security challenges

• Access Controlu
• Enforcement and Verification of Security policies
• Identity and authentication


Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the development and deployment platform of choice with an efficient, scalable, and robust operating system, certified security and flexible deployment options on physical and virtualized platforms, and a wide variety of powerful development languages backed by excellent debugging and tuning tools.
• Web Infrastructure
• Java
• Development
• Application tuning
• Database
• System API/ABI compatibility and stability


Virtualization is a foundation for data center planning. Red hat Enterprise linux 6 is an excellent virtualization host, and is designed to be superior guest on any of the major hyper visors.

• Kernel-Based Virtualization
• Guest Acceleration
• Guest Security
• Microsoft windows support


Did you know that the animated movie from Dreamworks Shrek is done under Linux Platform?

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