Buy & Sell Online is Easy as 1, 2, 3

Selling online has never been easy, until

The New Market Place

There is a lot of ways to earn money online. You can earn from blogs, google adsense, advertising networks, selling ad spaces or even by just selling your old stuff online. I remember one customer from my internet shop who always rent my computers for almost one to two hours every day with photos of gadgets and stuffs. That’s why one day I got curious, approached him and asked what he does for a living. “I’m still studying, however as a part time I’ve been selling a lot of stuff online.”, he replied. He buys cellphones, gadgets and slightly used stuffs that he got from friends and relatives at a lower prices. He also explained, he just add 20% to 30% as markup, and now  he shoulders his school expenses with this kind of business.

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Xbox Devotee or Xbox Disappointee

Xbox 360 Managing Issues and Headaches

While on one hand, Xbox 360 has managed to attract many, on the other hand, it has also managed to disappoint many with the disputed errors of this game console that keep on evolving every now and then. Here is a good piece of news for all the Xbox users, Microsoft has announced to extend the period of licensed warranty in order to solve the arising problems with Xbox that plenty of users are experiencing. Many reviews claim that people have felt that this game console is much of a headache as it usually starts malfunctioning. It is obviously extremely annoying when you have to face problems every so often as you then have to start searching for a reliable source of Xbox 360 repair. Nevertheless, the fans of this gaming console still compliment its features as exciting and electrifying, despite having to encounter problems.

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Icarus the Phoenix in DotA 6.70 for real?

Defense of the Ancient 6.69 is finally out, without new characters. I would like to shift in to the  fun part of my blog which is – “Gaming”. I’ve been featuring DotA several  characters in this blog, but it never got excited when I mention to my DotA Peeps about Icarus the Phoenix. A lot … Read more

Why Business Process Automation is Important to Businesses Today?

Why Business Process Automation is Important to Businesses Today?

What is Business Process Automation? Business process automation is the process where businesses use Information Technology to contain costs on their business operations. It consists of integrating applications, restructuring labor resources, and using software applications throughout the organization. This is why the Importance of Business Process Automation to SME Business Today. Example, of a typical business … Read more