Marvel Strike Force – Deadpool is in the House!

May 17, 2018, Deadpool did not only invaded our local cinemas, but also invaded MSF too! Yup, the Marvel Strike Force – Deadpool released can be played under the Marvel Strike Force 1.2 version.  This wisecracking mercenary character can be use as a brawler and can bypass taunt according to its latest release notes. So download and update the apps to play DEADPOOL!

Marvel Strike Force Release 1.2 –  Deadpool Updates

New Characters Deadpool & Cable

What’s new with MSF 1.2? Since today is the release of Ryan Reynold’s 2nd Marvel stint – DEADPOOL 2 in our local cinema, MSF also introduces DEADPOOL! 🙂 According to the latest release notes, Deadpool is a brawler who can ignore PROTECTOR characters abilities, like with Drax, Luke Cage and etc.  His second attack ability the Bounty Hunter can bypass taunts, which you can use to focus assault behind these TANK characters. 

Deadpool’s third ability is the Hack ‘n’ Slash. It is a chain attack that allows him to re-attached enemies that he has already attacked during the current chain sequence. This makes Deadpool a very dangerouse and versatile Marvel Strike Force character. 

Aside from Deadpool, CABLE is another  debuting character in MSF that is included in the Deadpool movie sequel. Cable is the alter ego of Nathan Summers. If you’re into Marvel’s Comic Books, you knew he is the son of Cyclops (X-Men – Scott Summer) and  Madelyne Pryor (Clone of Jean Grey). Anyways, he’s a time-traveling commando that will be added along with Deadpool to the existing  67 MSF character roster. 

Cable’s passive ability provides a speed bar boost to his team at the start of the battle, granting the group the edge against teams with similar characters. Cable’s Overload, is a special area attack that reduces the turn meter of the primary target by 50%.  Psychic Surge, is a brutal blast from Cable that also fills his turn meter if you finish enemies off while using it. If Deadpool is on your team, he automatically assists during Psychic Surge and can also benefits from the turn meter fill. Cable will be available next week May 24, 2018 in the Blitz.

Other Updates

Same with the Mad Titan Updates ( Marvels Strike Force – Release 1.1), this release comes with a legendary event and a raid campaign for alliance event. You can play through 10 new story missions featuring Deadpool. Just complete the Deadpool Legendary Events to earn Deadpool Orb Fragments, which will unlock Deadpool Orbs to get your Deadpool shards. Fun, isn’t it?

The Deadpool Alliance Raid is here with all of the hijinks and chimichangas you can expect from the legendary mercenary. Participate in Blitz to earn payment in the form of Chimichangas.  The Chimichangas are keys you can use to participate in the Alliances raids.

Why do I always get stuck on 42% Loading?

A few days ago, I emailed FoxNext Games regarding the issues “players getting stuck on loading at 42%”. I asked them how to deal with the issues and is there a work around it. Below is there reply:

Hi Jhong,

Thank you for contacting us. We’re sorry to hear about the issue that you’re having with the game. In order to resolve this issue, please try a different connection (Data or WIFI – please make sure that you are connected to any of these as long as they are stable. Also, please make sure that you are only connected to one connection.)

You can also try the following.

1. Force close then re-launch app

2. Power cycle the device (Restart the device)

3. Uninstall and Reinstall the game.

Let us know if this resolves the issue.

Kind regards,
Joemar M.


Although I was able to address the problem, before I have received the reply the day after it happened. I believe that the issues is not a bug or error  in the development. The app just requires a stable internet connections to accommodate the background app updates from time to time. Notice the downloading notification at the bottom of the screen, this shows how often it downloads it’s data from time to time. Techinically, I believe they wanted to make the app easy to download by making it smaller and letting you play the game while it downloads other data while you progress your campaign. But the downside is…, it often updates the user data most of the time, which is very frustrating for most of the players have issues like this specially with not so good internet connection like in the Philippines.

So anyways, if you still having the same issues, just follow the steps above again or just wait for it to completely download. It will stabilize as soon as it completely downloaded all the data and updates.

Ok I hope I have answered most of your queries. If you have question just feel free to comment below and I’ll do my best to answer soonest possible. Lastly, if you find this article interesting and useful… Please like and share this to your group. Thank you! 

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