What’s new with Marvel Strike Force Release 1.1?

Aside it features the MAD TITAN – THANOS, Marvel Strike Force Release 1.1 has made a lot of exciting updates. We all know Marvel’s Studio Avengers: Infinity Wars is coming on the big screen. It is very timely for the developers, FoxNext Games to release a new updates and to feature THANOS in the Marvel Strike Force game. I know you’re not excited about the technicalities, but I’m listing below 3 noticeable  MSF r1.1 updates FoxNext made  to improve the game and your experience.

My 3 Noticeable Improvements on Marvel Strike Force Release 1.1

1. Of course, The Mad Titan – THANOS is in the house!  The timing was right for the MSF people to launch Thanos‘ character in the game. We all know Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity Wars is just few days away and everyone is excited about the movie. Joining the van wagon, is a great idea to get gamers more excited playing the game.

Marvel Strike Force Thanos Event Overview

To give you an overview of the MSF Thanos Event. Let me share my development. Apparently, I’m done with the 10 Thanos Campaign and I’m still 35 shards away to get the character Thanos. But it doesn’t stop there. We can get the remaining shards by completing the Thanos Alliance Raid which is limited for 25 days only.   

Let me share and illustrate the CONVERSION TABLE 🙂 to help us understand the MSF Thanos Event .

THANOS = 100 Shards

3 SHARD = > 1 Infinity Orb

1 INFINITY ORB = 2000 Infinity Orb Fragment

1 THANOS ALLIANCE RAID = < 1000 Infinity Orb Fragments

50 THANOS RAID ENERGY = 1 Thanos Raid

1 THANOS RAID ATTACK =  10 Thanos Raid Energy

1 THANOS RAID = 4000 Thanos Keys


Completing the Thanos Campaign is the easy part… (Actually I was able to complete the 10 Thanos Event in just one seating at my level 30++.) While the Thanos Alliance Raid is little bit harder or challenging than I expected.

2. Secondly, MSF 1.1  loads faster than before. I have noticed that this version of Marvel Strike Force improved in loading and performance. Unlike the previous version, which it always download something everytime you enter a campaign or join raids. The MSF Release 1.1 loads faster and significantly starts faster than MSF Release 1.0. In fact, it only need start or load for 22 seconds or less, comparing than before.

3. Lastly, I’ve notice they change the MSF Icon. I don’t know or understand why they need to change the original blue icon with reddish gold. I still feel the blue icon is pretty much the right branding for the game.  

So, did you also noticed the above improvements in the game? Share you comments below and hope the above info that I have shared will help you enjoy the game further. 

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