Epson LightScene Laser Projector – The Latest Innovation in Advertising

With the increasing growth of online stores in the Philippines, retailing has made a big leap in terms of innovation. We have already Lazada, Metrodeal, Ensogo dominating on the top of our local e-commerce businesses. Retail stores need to cope-up with the rising development to match and compete the online growth. This is why Epson is very timely to introduce its latest product, Epson LightScene Laser Projector. This will definitely will even up the playing field for the retailing stores.


Epson LightScene Laser Projector

According from our friend in Epson Media Relation Office in Manila, Epson has recently announced the launch of the one its latest innovation, the Epson LightScene Laser Projector.  While the very innovative laser projector is designed to simultaneously illuminate and project dynamic content on virtually any surface or material.

This new Epson product give a fresh solution for retailers, restaurants, bars or hotels facing an increasingly competitive environment, by providing an innovative experience for digital art, commercial signage, and measurable design applications.

LightScene EV-100 series is ideal for curated visual environments such as retail showrooms, shop window displays, museum exhibits and art installations where minimal visual clutter is key.

“Display technology is changing the way consumers interact with brands and products, with the ability to delight and engage consumers in entirely new and visually compelling ways. The LightScene projector expands Epson’s presence in the signage and lighting sector with its space friendly design and flexible visual expressions. It can enable creative displays to deliver edutainment type content through imagery, motion and information. Retailers and businesses can easily create captivating and immersive environments for a memorable experience,” according Ms. Amy Kwa, Epson Singapore.

Moreover, the LightScene series comes in 2 colors – LightScene EV-100 in white and LightScene EV-105 in black. They blend in discreetly and offer an array of  programming applications, configuration and mounting setup. The technology offers contemporary retail experience to consumers while providing performance, versatility and reliability at the same time. In conclusion, Epson LightScene will definitely bring magic to retail store.

The LightScene product features also include:

  1.  3LCD laser technology – Epson laser technology provides up to 20,000 hours of virtually maintenance-free operation , plus a sealed optical engine for amazing image quality and outstanding performance.
  2. Robust content tools for ease of programming– The Epson Content Manager software includes templates, effects, color and shape filters, and customization options. At the same time, users can also create playlists, and schedule synchronized playback for up to 16 projectors at the same time.
  3. Management and control – Control the projector remotely with PC/ smart devices using Epson Web Control via the browser. Furthermore, user can also manage multiple projectors simultaneously using the Epson Management Software such as checking of status, and power on/off scheduling via the network.
  4. Scalable for an array of applications – Install multiple LightScene projectors and utilize Edge Blending technology for versatile, breath taking displays.
  5. Flexible positioning – Includes vertical and horizontal rotation with 360-degree mounting on floors, walls, or ceilings. Also the product offers a 1.58x powered optical zoom and powered focus allows for installation in both large and small spaces.
  6. Expansive connectivity – HDMI, wired and wireless LAN, and SD card slot for direct content storage when needed.
  7. Bright visual display system – Offers up to 2,000 lumens of color brightness and 2,000 lumens of white brightness for vibrant, rich colors.

Epson LightScene Laser Projector Price (SRP) in the Philippines

Apparently, I’m still waiting for the actual retail price from our contacts inside the Epson newsroom. But  in the America, the Epson LightScene Laser Projectors will be available this coming May 2018 for approximately Php 130k (not bad). It comes with a 3 year warranty or 20,000 usage hours. Which is a very good investment if you’re planning to purchase one.  

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