Polycom Unveils Unified Communication Innovation in the Philippines.

Polycom extends its solution from Enterprise down to the Consumer Networks Level

What is Unified Communication Solutions?

As defined by Mr. Randel Maestre –  Polycom’s Senior Director of Industry Solutions, Unified Communication is the integration of real-time communication services such as instant messaging (chat), presence information, telephony (including IP telephony), video conferencing, call control and speech recognition with non-real-time communication services.


Polycom is one of the leading providers of the most life-like experience for communication and remote meetings from anywhere to anywhere, instantly. They are the sole provider of integrated, end- to-end unified collaboration solutions that help organizations meet both productivity and cost containment challenges. In the Philippines , Polycom is exclusively distributed by American Technology Incorporated to enable these solutions to the country’s businesses.

Polycom, Inc.  started in 1990 and now was able to established 53 offices in 26 different countries. Polycom partnered with Microsoft, Hewlett -Packard, Siemens, IBM, and McAfee to provide a better solution in unified communication solutions. They are the leading provider of telepresence and voice-video conference solutions for manufacturing, financial, pharmaceutical, technical, government, education and healthcare institution.

Polycom Unified Communication

Is Unified Communication Solution for SMB and Consumer Network?

Mr. Randel Maestrel also announced that they are developing a standards-based H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC) that will compress video streaming up to 50% of it original size. SVC will be made available at no cost to strategic partners that support open and interoperable communications standards. SVC technology is distinguished by its ability to deliver consistent, high-quality video and audio experiences at any bandwidth and over networks prone to packet loss and congestion. With this technology, Unified Communication will be available to the public internet and mobile network enabling it to Small-Medium Businesses  and Consumer Network .

Furthermore, Mr. Rene Valladolid – Sales Directory of Polycom added, “Polycom  tied-up with Samsung Digital to deliver an innovative Unified Communications application on  Samsung GALAXY Tablet  which will be released second half of 2011.” In which you will be able to communicate on Samsung Galaxy Tablet into other Telepresence and Voice-Video Conferencing devices. With this announcement, Unified Communication will not only be available to Enterprises but to the SMB and End-Consumer as well.


What is the edge of Polycom against it’s Competitors?

According to Mr. Maestrel as explained in the Polycom Media Conference at the  Conti’s Restaurant the main edge of Polycom from it’s nearest competitor is their open standard solutions which will enables Unified Communications affordable and available to the SMB and Consumer Networks. They are positively hoping that the 7.6 Million user populations of mobile computing particularly on smartphone and tablet will be expected to grow as high as 46 Million users in less that 5 years. In which Polycom Inc. will be expected to deliver a large part in Unified Communication Solutions.

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