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If you like Marvel: Avengers Alliance game, you will definitely will like this mobile game and this Marvel Strike Force User’s Guide is for you!

MARVEL Strike Force is a FREE mobile action packed Role-Playing-Game. The full version was released last March 29, 2019. This is just 7 days from the date I created this post. The developer have deployed two (2) beta releases since the first week of December 2017. It is now available for download on Android and IOS. I have created this Marvel Strike Force User’s Guide to help beginners playing the game and help them level-up faster with Qlick Tips and walk-through. 

Marvel Strike Force User's Guide - Commander Jhong

What is Marvel Strike Force?

In this FREE mobile game Marvel Strike Force, you can battle alongside with MARVEL HEROES and VILLAINS  in this visually-stunning, action packed on mobile phone or tablet (comparing to Marvel: Avengers Alliance). Here you can play and lead the missions by forming your POWER Squad which can include, Wolverine, Doctor Strange, Captain America, King Pin, and even Groot! You can create your squad to fight all-new enemy and save our planet EARTH! 

Marvel Strike Force User's Guide - Heroes and Villains

Marvel Strike Force was created by FoxNext Games. The games is downloadable at 88MB thru App Store and Google Play. It has more than 1,000,000 installation from the date of this post. This game app has an in app digital purchases which start at P49 pesos ($1) up P5,000($500). MSF or Marvel Strike Force has an average 4.2 Star Rating at the Google Play store at this moment. Because the game download campaigns and chapter data during game play in needs a good internet connection.

This game is available in 16 languages, including Tagalog? nah… Just kidding.

Marvel Strike Force User's Guide - Foxnext Games Los Angeles

What to expect in this Marvel Strike Force User’s Guide?

I will be creating articles and guides based on my personal walk through experiences. Although, I’ll be doing research so that we can help each other leveling-up quicker. I will do my best to discuss the following topics or resources:

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