New Release Not Loading Problem – Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force - New Release Not Loading

Last November 3, 2021, Scopely released a new version of Marvel Strike Force Version 5.8.x. and when we updated the game, we may encounter the “Update Available” appearing several times. To resolve this new release not loading problem you may need to go to your App Store (for apple) or Play Store (for Android) and uninstall the game for a while. Don’t worry about your progress, as long as it’s linked to Facebook and or Apple ID/Google Play there is no harm in deleting and reinstalling had the same issue on my Android/IPad last week deleted app restarted iPad and reinstalled with no problems.

I believe you have to wait for at least an hour before you install again. This is just to make sure that all the data on your device cache are fully deleted. This will also make sure we have all the new files and game data installed.

Worrying about your account progress, google play store or apple app store will restore them for you once you re-install the game again. Install the game and the new release loading problem or issues are hopefully resolved.

What’s new in release 5.8.1?

Since last November 5, 2021 Marvel’s The Eternals are already in the Big Screens in the United States, Marvel Strikes Forces also introduces Dormammu, Sersi, and Ikaris as New Characters in the game.


That’s why in this release, you can expect the following updates:

  • Three(3) new playable characters from the Eternals: Ikaris, Dormammu and Sersi.
  • Enjoy New costumes: Phoenix(Endsong), Ultron (What If…?), Hawkeye(Hawkguy)
  • New Dark Dimension 5: This is to recruit the ruler of the Dark Dimension – Dormammu!
  • New Campaign Chapter: Doom War Chapter 4
  • Updated Doom War Campaign missions: Gear tier 15 mini-uniques have also been added to select missions in chapters 2 and 3.
  • Sersi’s Event Campaign: “Darkness Comes.”
  • 5 Red Star promotion for Doctor Doom will be available for purchase with Dark Promotion Credits soon/in the near future.

Bugs and Fixes

Furthermore, the new release version will also deals with the following bug fixes:

  • Text Update: Captain Marvel’s Level 5 Update for her Special Ability, “Warbird,” has been updated to include the text: “+ damage to primary target.” The combat behavior was correct and remains unchanged.
  • Text Update: Cloak’s Ultimate ability, “Shadow Assault,” has been updated to clarify that, with Dagger, the attack gains extra Piercing Damage, and not an additional attack.
  • Text Update: Dagger’s Ultimate ability, “Sissone Attitude,” has been updated to clarify that, with Cloak, the attack gains extra Damage, and not an additional attack.
  • Deathpool’s Passive ability, “Death Comes For All,” was clearing positive effects from a random enemy instead of the most injured enemy.
  • Impact sounds for Shang-Chi’s Ultimate Ability, “Way of Fury” were sometimes not working correctly during battle.
  • Closing the game after creating or editing a Saved Squad in the Blitz, Arena, Raid, or War tab was causing the team to only be saved on the Roster Tab.
  • Trait-specific gear (Bio, Mutant, Mystic, Skill, and Tech) at gear tier 15 had improper gear names.

Still Having New Release not Loading or Stuck at 14% Loading Problem?

Meantime, if you still have issues after the reinstallation and still having the new release not loading problem, try to visit my post about the “stuck on 42% Loading” articles that i wrote few years ago or visit there facebook page for how to install the game again. You can also comment your issue below, I’ll do my best to help you out with the problem. Good Luck and Stay safe!

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