Things I can do with Samsung Smart TV (Last Entry)

An Idiot Box No More

TV has been known as an “Idiot Box”. But last April 7, Samsung launched a new TV that evolves our viewing experience into higher level. This innovation enables viewer to interact and communicate using the TV. It is the new Samsung Smart TV.

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Samsung Notebook 9 Series = Power + Mobility + Stylishly Sexy

Samsung Notebook Series 9


Last March 22, 2011 at The Peninsula Manila, Samsung Electronics Philippines gathered together the country’s well respected fashion designers namely Rajo Laurel, Randy Ortiz ang Rhett Eala; to showcased their finest collections along with world sexiest notebook – the Samsung Series 9 Notebook.

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Experience Video Conferencing in Wide Screen

Enjoy Wide Screen Video Calls Using Skypes Apps


Call your relatives abroad using the Samsung Smart TV. You can enjoy a wide-screen video calls using the Samsung Smart TV Skype Apps. With Skype on your Samsung TV you can make free Skype-to-Skype voice and video calls to friends and family, wherever they are in any part of the world.

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Use Paypal and Samsung Smart TV to Bill your Client

Bill or accept payment using the Samsung Web Browser

Samsung Smart TV Paypal

Now watching TV had never been productive like this. I can bill my clients using the Samsung Smart TV; simply open the Samsung Web Browser, login to my paypal account, create an invoice and send it at the same time. I don’t have to open my desktop or laptop. To do this, I’ll go straight to the Samsung Smart TV. Samsung Smart TV… Now, it’s an “idiot box made smarter”.

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Use the Samsung Smart TV as Desktop

Use the Smart as a Desktop Monitor

samsung smart tv

At the back of the Samsung Smart TV, you can find a VGA port or PC-IN where you can attached your laptop or even your desktop and use the Samsung Smart TV a your monitor. It’s very ideal for editing videos and photos, in which you get a crystal clear images in LED.

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Play Free Online Games using Samsung Smart TV

Play Texas Hold’em with my Online Poker Friends

samsung smart tv 09

With the Samsung Smart TV you can enjoy game apps free like Texas Hold’em and QuizzMaster. You can join poker tournaments with friend using this game apps. Beat them dry, while enjoying the convenience of your couch and High Definition LED Samsung Smart TV.

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