Use the Samsung Smart TV as Desktop

Use the Smart as a Desktop Monitor

samsung smart tv

At the back of the Samsung Smart TV, you can find a VGA port or PC-IN where you can attached your laptop or even your desktop and use the Samsung Smart TV a your monitor. It’s very ideal for editing videos and photos, in which you get a crystal clear images in LED.

You can enjoy a wide – ultra clear viewing experience with the following:

* You can edit your images and videos a new clear experience
* Play your Favorite Console Games in a Wide HD.
* A different “OWNING” experience for playing DotA.
* Enables you to do word and worksheet processing on a Wide Screen Display

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10 thoughts on “Use the Samsung Smart TV as Desktop”

  1. we have samsung T190 lcd 19″ monitor.. super like na nga namin xa. how much more kung SAMSUNG Smart TV? sana naman hindi ganun kamahal. para next inline agad xa sa things to buy 🙂

  2. 40″ Class 40.0 Diag.) 7000 Series 1080p LED HDTV

    bakit ganun.. eto na ung nakita kung pinakamura.. sana naman kahit my 20″ man lang.. @ $1,000.00 pwede na..


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