How to Keep our Bank Account Safe from Hackers

According to Forbes, Digital Banking is now the new normal. If we have not experienced the pandemic, what has taken place over the recent months in the banking industry; may have taken place over 2 to 10 years. This is why theft is also going digital as we adjust to the norms. Thus, knowing how to keep our bank account safe is very important for growing online predators.

BDO Official Statement – 700 BDO Bank Accounts Hacked by Nigerian Hackers – Latest (Photo Credit: BDO Website)

Last December 14, 2021, BDO posted an official statement that they had several depositors’ accounts that had been compromised. News also said, “BDO hacking were more than 700 of BDO’s depositors lost funds in their accounts”. The National Bureau of Investigation Agency said the alleged 5 suspects were able to access bank accounts and made the fund transfers while supposedly bypassing the One-Time-Pin requirement.

Furthermore, they added that the apprehended suspects sent bulk phishing emails that gathered vital information /credentials of the client’s bank accounts. The suspects were arrested for violating the Access Device Law, Anti-Cybercrime law, and falsification of public documents. But denied the allegations. Even insisting that the funds withdrawn were donations from a Nigerian student community, as one of them has claimed.

Digital banking is our new normal, and theft is also becoming online. Below are some QLICK tips to keep you safe while transacting online.

5 Qlick Tips on How to Keep Our Bank Account Safe from Hackers

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