Teamviewer 6: How to Connect to your Remote Desktop using a Browser.

Provide Remote Desktop Support using Teamviewer and Samsung Smart TV TeamViewer GmbH is one of the leading providers of remote control and online-presentation software that offers TeamViewer 6. In which the new version brings innovative connection options and performance enhancing features to the all-in-one solution. In version 6 the QuickSupport customer module, designed for fast … Read more

How to deal with Teamviewer Blank Screen Problem

Teamviewer Blank Screen Problem

Teamviewer Blank Screen Problem Solution I have encountered this problem and I wanted to share this solution to all Teamviewer Users. Below is how to deal with Teamviewer Blank Screen Problem: The Problem I have this remote computer that’s running  24/7 under Windows XP. It’s a surveillance PC where I check the shop with a … Read more

How to Remote Access your Computer Using your Android Phone

Thank God I’m back to blogging, after a few weeks of hibernating (LOL). Really, I been sick and got busy offline with my clients and with my day job.  I want to start back again by answering a question from one my readers, asking about mobile remote access.  Here’s the question: “Hi, Please can you … Read more

Samsung Smart TV – Things I Can Do with a Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV Last April 7, 2011 Samsung announced a contest for Bloggers, the “THINGS I CAN DO WITH A SAMSUNG SMART TV” contest. One lucky blogger will be watching his favorite movies in LED TV and will be browsing the internet with the SAMSUNG SMART TV D8000… And I’m hoping it would be ME…”Career … Read more