Teamviewer 6: How to Connect to your Remote Desktop using a Browser.

Provide Remote Desktop Support using Teamviewer and Samsung Smart TV

TeamViewer GmbH is one of the leading providers of remote control and online-presentation software that offers TeamViewer 6. In which the new version brings innovative connection options and performance enhancing features to the all-in-one solution. In version 6 the QuickSupport customer module, designed for fast and straightforward access to client computers, is optimized with customized features that adapt to business needs. Customers can reach out directly to supporters, as they are able to send chat messages, eliminating the need to call or send an email. TeamViewer also enables you to conduct presentation remotely from any computer that has an Internet connection. The web browser frontend of TeamWiewer or also known Web Connect conveniently lets you connect to another computer from any browser that supports flash.

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