Mech Arena Game Updates Not Loading

Are you Playing Mech Arena? Did you have issue with the recent Mech Arena Game Updates Not Loading on its version release 2.02? Well here’s a simple step-by-step procedure that can help you solve the problem. When they released the Mech Arena Version 2.02.x, they will require you to goto the Google Play Store and update the app to the latest version again. If you have encounter problems like what I have, let me share you what you need to do using the below steps:

Mech Arena Game Updates Not Loading

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What’s new with Marvel Strike Force Release 1.1?


Aside it features the MAD TITAN – THANOS, Marvel Strike Force Release 1.1 has made a lot of exciting updates. We all know Marvel’s Studio Avengers: Infinity Wars is coming on the big screen. It is very timely for the developers, FoxNext Games to release a new updates and to feature THANOS in the Marvel Strike Force game. I know you’re not excited about the technicalities, but I’m listing below 3 noticeable  MSF r1.1 updates FoxNext made  to improve the game and your experience.

My 3 Noticeable Improvements on Marvel Strike Force Release 1.1

1. Of course, The Mad Titan – THANOS is in the house!  The timing was right for the MSF people to launch Thanos‘ character in the game. We all know Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity Wars is just few days away and everyone is excited about the movie. Joining the van wagon, is a great idea to get gamers more excited playing the game.

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SAP Team-up with Team Liquid with a 3 Year eSports Sponsorship

Last April 10, 2018, SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) the enterprise solution provider – announced its team-up with Team Liquid for a 3 Year eSports Sponsorship deal. The SAP Team-up with Team Liquid deal is the first collaboration of SAP with a professional eSports organization. With this biggest partnership in eSport history, Team Liquid will have the leverage and support from SAP co-developing in-game analytics to achieve greater team performance.

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ASUS ROG G20CB Re-introduces A Powerhouse Small-Form Factor Specs for Gaming Desktop


Republic Of Gamers – Asus ROG G20CB is Armed for Victory

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) re-introduces its most compact and powerful gaming desktop yet – the ROG G20CB that aims to meet the needs of hard-core and casual gamers. 

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today re-announced the availability of its strongest small-form factor gaming desktop – the G20CB which features NVIDIA GeForce Pascal edition which delivers up to three times (3X) the performance of previous-generation NVIDIA graphics cards. ROG G20CB features a small-form-factor 9.5-liter chassis and is designed for gamers looking for incredibly-realistic visuals and immersive VR gaming experiences.

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Angry Birds Invade Facebook

Angry Birds, the hit iPhone game, is now on Facebook. The Game maker Rovio said the immensely popular game has been out in the social networking site with completely new aspects that haven’t been experienced in other platforms.

Please note that before you can play this new apps on Facebook, you’ll need to have the latest Adobe Flash Player installed and of course  you need to have a Facebook account.

So what’s new? Angry Birds on Facebook is trying out a different business model that flocks together with other freemium games on Facebook. There’s 4 new powerups that you can buy for cheap – just $1 for 20 uses. Aside from the new power ups you can also brag about your achievement by posting it to your time-line.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Coming 2012

Valve, the developer of most played first-person-shooter game will be launching first quarter next year its latest version of counter strike, the Counter Strike: Global Offensive. For the past 12 years it has been most played world wide and promise to give Counter Strike buff more excitement with it coming release.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will features new characters, maps, and weapons as well as new game-play modes, leader boards, matchmaking, and more. It will also enables cross-platform play and promised better visuals.


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