Angry Birds Invade Facebook

Angry Birds, the hit iPhone game, is now on Facebook. The Game maker Rovio said the immensely popular game has been out in the social networking site with completely new aspects that haven’t been experienced in other platforms.

Please note that before you can play this new apps on Facebook, you’ll need to have the latest Adobe Flash Player installed and of course  you need to have a Facebook account.

So what’s new? Angry Birds on Facebook is trying out a different business model that flocks together with other freemium games on Facebook. There’s 4 new powerups that you can buy for cheap – just $1 for 20 uses. Aside from the new power ups you can also brag about your achievement by posting it to your time-line.

Here’s a few tips about Power-Ups:

* Power-Ups can be receive as a “mystery gift” from a friend randomly.
* Power-ups are limited use, so use them wisely.
* You can purchase Power-Ups for $0.99 and up.
* They can also be earned via game play.
* Power-ups can be used to help pump up your scores, and improves your ranking.
* You can use some Power-Ups together. For example, you can use King Sling with any other Power-Up.

Isn’t that exciting!

Below is the short Video Tutorial from AngryBirdsNest:

Angry Birds has already been ported from iPhone to Android, Palm, and Nokia and is also showing up on PCs and PSP. Just in case you haven’t downloaded Angry Bird on your Iphone and Andriod, you can visit the FreeNew website to download any free android apps easily and fast.  So enjoy! Thanks for visiting.

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