Alcatel Sapphire HD 995 – Affordable Premium Android Phones

Alcatel OneTouch Sapphire HD 995

Looking for a Premium Android Phones that is light on the budget? This latest android phone from Alcatel OneTouch will be arriving soon in the Philippine mobile market. The Sapphire HD 995 is a complete android phone with its slender design and excellent features fit for the smart phone user.  It has a very clear 4.3” high grade video array display fit for recording and playing high definition videos.


Measuring 10mm thick, the Sapphire HD 995 is amazingly sleek for its slender shape. Sapphire HD 995 has a polished lens and soft touch surface complete with a textured 3D molding battery cover to achieve the absolute sleek look.  It is a smart phone complete with an Android 2.3 operating system with pre-installed apps.  It also has a 5 Megapixel camera with autofocus, smile and face detection which helps in giving quality images.


Connectivity does not end in wifi and Bluetooth as Sapphire HD 995 can also be plugged to an HDMI for a surround video or game experience. It is the premium lifestyle phone experience. Sapphire HD 995 is so powerful because it is 3G+ and has a CPU speed of 1.4 GHz. With this CPU speed, it is not a surprise that you can view word, excel, powerpoint and PDF and at the same time upload a video in YouTube. Unlike other android phones, Sapphire HD 995 has a pre embedded 3D UI to make viewing and managing apps easier and faster.


Sapphire HD 995 is a complete mobile and android experience all packed in one phone  for  just Php 13,999.00 (available starting April 2012) — real value for your money! It is definitely a very affordable  premium android phones for smart phone users.


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