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A few days ago, I came across ANC’s “Future Perfect” You Tube video talking about e-commerce. Hosted by Mr. Tony Velasquez, they tackled this intriguing e-commerce website that offers online lending services in the Philippines. According to the technology talk-show, is an online cash loan service provider in the Philippines that offers loan without any collateral and papers needed. That’s why I visited the site and registered to learn more about it.


What is Lenddo?

Basically, Lenddo is a money lending company in the Philippines that’s been around for more than a year now. What’s amazing about them, they offer loans without any collateral and at a very low interest. I think this is the world’s first online lending service that offers credit, based on your social trustworthiness in the community.

From previous post about Social Business, I’ve been thinking of an example of a Social Business – available in the country. I believe is the perfect example for this. It uses Social Media to verify and validate its applicant’s credibility and credit-worthiness. It uses the social community to evaluate your credit score that will be used as reference for your loan application.

How to Join and Apply for a Loan

One of the things I notably like about the website, it’s so easy to register. You only need to fill-up the basic information such as name, email, date of birth, gender, mobile number and password, and then you’re in. You can build your trusted network if you plan to avail the loan applications afterwards.

According to the site, if you would like to avail the loan service you’ll need to get your Lenddo Score to more than 400. The Lenddo Scores determines your credit worthiness for your loan application. Like any other financing company you’ll have to fill-up some important information such as SSS No. and TIN number and so on. Afterwards you’ll need someone to recommend you in the Lenddo community who can acts as guarantors for your loan. Although these guarantors will not be charged for the nonpayment of the amortization, their credit scores will be reduced. This will affect your creditworthiness with Lenddo.  Lastly, you must be employed to get approved of course.

What’s cool about their service is that everything will be done and processed online. The registration will only take you five minutes and the application process can be done in less than fifteen (if you have a trusted network ready). Your application will be processed within 24hrs. You can do this at the convenience of your own home at your own convenient time. No agents will be bugging or calling you from time to time to ask you if you have financial requirements.

Here’s the guide from Lenddo”s slide share:

View more presentations from Lenddo

What do I think about Lenndo?

Lenddo will be very beneficial to people who will need quick loans.  If you have a good credit score and strong trusted network, I think applying for reloan will be fast and easy. This is ideal if you have an emergency cash requirement.

Lenndo has a Secure Paperless Online-Loan Application process. The site operates on an SSL protocol and certified by Meaning, information you entered in the system is secured and encrypted.

Credit cards and other financing companies offer more than 3% interest rate, while Lenddo offers only 1.99%. Aside from that, they have good payment terms that enables you to amortized up to 12 months.

The best part about the Lenddo site, is that, the site educates its community by offering financial saving tips and how to have a financial freedom on their blog. You can find great articles on their blog such as money-saving tips, home make-over ideas, budgeting and a lot more. The only thing, I think missing is the an online chat support. I would definitely helped users for those questions can’t be found on their blogs and FAQ page.

Furthermore, Lenddo only encourages loan for life improvements such as business, healthcare, education, and home loans.  Unlike other lending companies, I find their loan services focused on necessity, with this objectives in mind it will definitely help their community. That’s why I would like to end this post with a quote by Benjamin Franklin, “Remember that credit is money.” Anything we spend on credits is still money we burn coming from our pockets. Make sense right?

24 thoughts on “Online Cash Loan Made Easy by Lenddo”

  1. i am a lenndo member too. i have already 3 on my trusted network. bit still a dont know what to do. its because lenddo sated that we members should be a full time employer.. but how about mu situation? i’m not in a company but i have an online business which is Accessories & Souvenirs made by Polymer Clay, the reason why i want to loan is to buy Additional materials . when i tried to fill up the form for business loan i see that it requires SSS/GSIS tin, etc. but i dont have any of them. what should i do? will i able to be qualified for any loans?
    if you wanna help me ,here is my yahoo / lenddo account:
    here is my online shop:
    thank you 

    • If you’re making money with your online business, you should get SSS/ TIN, register your business and pay tax. A person who does not pay his taxes is not credit-worthy for Lenddo.

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  3. Hi Sir/Madam,

    This is Jacqueline B. Jamolangue, I am interested and very in need to apply for a cash loan. Hoping for your immediate response regarding the process and requirements for the said application.

    Many Thanks,

    Jacqueline Jamolangue

  4. Expanding your Business?

    Efficiency: Loan decision within 7 working days
    Flexibility: Flexible payment terms and loan amounts (PHP 100,000 to PHP 10,000,000)
    Integrity: Financial advice and support

    * Latest original 3 months bank statements with used checks and bank certification
    * Latest copy of mayor’s and DTI permits
    * 2×2 ID pictures and a photocopy of 2 valid government issued ID’s of the applicant
    * Pictures of business and/or inventory
    * Latest proof of billing of business and residence
    * Hand-drawn sketch of business and residence location

    We cater Nationwide


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