Online Document Processing by Google

Word processing with out Microsoft Word?

Yes, you can do that online with the new features of Google’s – GoogleDocs. With it you can create documents, spreedsheets, slide presentation, or even survey forms.

When you open your gmail account at the top menu you’ll find the document link beside the calendar. With GoogleDocs you can create a document and download it as Acrobat file (.pdf) file or as an Open Office File (.odt) or in Word Document (.doc) as well.

Aside from documents, you can also create spreadsheets and presentation online. You can even create a survey form and automatically analyzed the results with the spreadsheets and view it in chart form.

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  1. sir jhong,
    thanks alot for this info… d q alam na marami pala pwedeng gawin sa GOOGLE.. thru u lumalawak ung knowledge q about GOOGLE..
    keep it up


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