Buy & Sell Online is Easy as 1, 2, 3

Selling online has never been easy, until

The New Market Place

There is a lot of ways to earn money online. You can earn from blogs, google adsense, advertising networks, selling ad spaces or even by just selling your old stuff online. I remember one customer from my internet shop who always rent my computers for almost one to two hours every day with photos of gadgets and stuffs. That’s why one day I got curious, approached him and asked what he does for a living. “I’m still studying, however as a part time I’ve been selling a lot of stuff online.”, he replied. He buys cellphones, gadgets and slightly used stuffs that he got from friends and relatives at a lower prices. He also explained, he just add 20% to 30% as markup, and now  he shoulders his school expenses with this kind of business.

The Internet is now the new market place. It is an international venue for  young entrepreneurs. With the right tools and the right knowledge you are the boss of your own business. Although, there are lots of free tool that you use online to sell you products without investing on having your own websites. And one of them that I came across is is an international Buy and Sell website in which you can sell your products without those nosy registration pages and the best of all its FREE. is Easy, Practical and FREE.

Sell your Products in 3 Easy Steps

In, you can right away post an ad in any pages of the website. You just click the “Post an Ad” link then your off to go with the (3) three super easy procedures.

1. Fill up the insert ad form.

This is where you put information about your ad and contact information. Just make sure that you have your contact number right and email because this details will be use in contacting you when you have  an interested buyer. You should select the right category for type of item you’re selling. You don’t want your Van for Sales appearing in the pet sections of the website, don’t you?

2. Preview your ad and enter your password.

Make sure you review your ad, you’ll be only allowed to deleted it’s already posted. You’ll have to encode the details as what you did in step 1. Then enter your password for the ad, so that you would be able to delete it.

3. Verify your ad.

Simply check your email and just click the links in it, then your ad will appear after (3) hours.

Isn’t that easy? Aside from selling product and services, you can also post ads for items you’re looking for or even find  Jobs  Online in this site. is really ideal tool for online entrepreneurs, and even for newbie’s in the netpreneurship and e-businesses.

Now it’s your turn, have you done selling some item online, why don’t you share it?

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