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Haute Couture in Cavite – Maestro Nueno

Maestro Nueno is one of the famous haute couture in Cavite. They have been creating quality bridal gowns and elegant evening dresses since 1996. For almost fourteen years in the fashion industry, their creations were featured several times in the famous morning TV show UNANG HIRIT.

Maestro Nueno is a collaboration of two artistic minds; it is a partnership between Ramon Santiago and Ferdi Granil. These two geniuses have been providing creative design from Men’s Barong & Suit, up to Women’s Elegant Ternos & Ball gowns. The have hosted several fashion shows all thru out Cavite since they started this shop, in which made them well-known thru out the country and overseas as well.

About the Design

When I first heard about the name Maestro Nueno, I already knew the design that will suits their needs. The classic wood theme really matches their images and branding.

The whole project involves the following:

Logo and Branding Design
Personalized Navigational System
Web Layout and Design
Flash Animation
Photo Gallery
Inquiry Form
Search Engine Optimization
Web Launching

This project was deployed (7) days ahead of time and the clients were very happy with the turnover.

acceptance form.

Ramon Santiago – Mobile # 09175031866
Ferdi Granil – Mobile # 09178874707

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