Wi-Tribe 4G Modem Unboxed

Wi-Tribe 4G Modem

I just wanna share some unboxing photos of Wi-Tribe Modem that I requested for the remote branches of the company that I’m working for. I subscribe for the Php598 Wi-Tribe Post Paid Internet because they gave me a 30 days Money Back-Satisfaction Guaranteed and they were offering the package at a burstable 1Mbps speed. Furthermore, Mr. Roford – Wi-Tribe Account Executive guaranteed me that I can return the unit if I’m not satisfied with the service for one month.

wi-tribe 4g unboxed

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Cloud Computing: Software as a Service (SaaS)

Pros and Cons of Software as a Service


I have been receiving recently, a lot of proposal about ERP system and some of them is bundled with software in a cloud or in other words Software as a Service (SaaS). Today, I would like to share my insight about this model of cloud computing (SaaS) based on the proposal I’ve gathered and how I think will  benefits our company (Going Straight Salon, Inc.).

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