Wi-Tribe 4G Modem Unboxed

Wi-Tribe 4G Modem

I just wanna share some unboxing photos of Wi-Tribe Modem that I requested for the remote branches of the company that I’m working for. I subscribe for the Php598 Wi-Tribe Post Paid Internet because they gave me a 30 days Money Back-Satisfaction Guaranteed and they were offering the package at a burstable 1Mbps speed. Furthermore, Mr. Roford – Wi-Tribe Account Executive guaranteed me that I can return the unit if I’m not satisfied with the service for one month.

wi-tribe 4g unboxed

So far… after the 30days period, I have not received any reports of any problems nor complaints where I have the Wi-Tribe modem installed. Below is where I have installed the modem at the following Going Straight Salon outlets:

SM Megamall
SM North Edsa
SM Cubao
BF Resorts Las Piñas
Festival Mall

and the connections are still stable since the installation and we’re planning to install more on other Metro Manila outlets.

Meantime, below is the unboxed photos of the Wi-Tribe Modem:

wi-tribe 4G Unboxed

The package comes in withthe following:

(1) Wi-Tribe Modem,

(1) AC Adaptor

(1) UTP Cat-5 Cable

(1) Users Manual

More Photos

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4 thoughts on “Wi-Tribe 4G Modem Unboxed”

  1. I had my defective modem replaced today with a new one and the CSR told
    me I would be able to use my connection in 2-3 hours. It has been more
    than 3 hours and I still cannot use my internet connection and I am
    unable to reach a customer service rep via phone nor chat. When I try to
    login to my acct info on the wi-tribe website it tells me that my acct
    is no longer active. I just settled my entire balance yesterday
    10/12/2012. If this issue will not get resolved then I would like to
    discontinue my service and receive a prorated refund. And I do not think
    that I should be charged the Early termination as my intention to
    disconnect is because of bad service. My modem was changed more than
    once because of defects, I was receiving a constant speed of less than
    1mbps out of my previous plan of up to 4mbps prompting me to downgrade
    my service plan and I had previous problems with the bill not being sent
    to me more than once even when I already stated such concern more than
    once. my experience with Wi-tribe has been frustrating and tiresome. I
    am very dissatisfied with the service and I would like to be released
    from my commitment since I do not have service at all at this moment so I
    can switch to a different ISP.

    • That’s really to bad…I never have this kind of experience from them, I may refer you to my account manager I know he may able to help you out. I’m at home right now, I’ll email his contact details (w/c I left in my office) the soonest possible, I know he can help you out.

  2. I just wanted to share and you might even not like it but for me I wouldn’t recommend Wi-Tribe as an ISP here in the Philippines. I even made my own review about it and all I can say, the connection isn’t stable. Not even their tech support could find any solutions.


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