PLDT Telpad – New Frequently Asked Questions

New and Revised : Frequently Asked Questions

Since everyone has been asking a lot of questions about the PLDT Telpad. I listed some of the common and frequently ask question:

Can I connect PLDT TELPAD with other wireless routers, access point or wifi?

Answers: Yes, PLDT Telpad unit will work with any wireless router.


Who can avail the PLDT TELPAD?

Answers: Existing PLDT Subscriber who’s willing to upgrade to the 4 PLDT Telpad Plans.

Can a non-PLDT subscriber can avail the PLDT TELPAD?

Answers: Yes, but you need to subscribe for the PLDT Dsl and Landline first before you can request for an upgrade.

How long is the lock-in period?

Answers: (2) Years, but for subscriber prior July 20, 2011 its three(3) years.

Is the unit yours after the lock-in period?

Answers: Yes. But for subscriber prior July 20, 2011, the unit is still own by PLDT.

These are some of the usual question, but I will update and add more these from time to time. If you have question that is not included above feel free to leave it below.

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12 thoughts on “PLDT Telpad – New Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. Hi Jhong. Would you know if by UPGRADE, PLDT won’t charge any pretermination cost those who availed of the former and crappy TelPad? Many thanks.

  2. May pLdt telpad po ako bigay sakin ng kaibigan ko..kaso di ko magamit kasi hindi ko ma yong WiFi notification kahit may available WiFi naman sa amin..
    Ano po ba gagawin ko para maka scan ako. PLDT din naman po ang gamit namin.


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