Last night December 13, 2010, I’ve experienced and held in my hands the first in the world, a landline with a touch screen tablet – the New PLDT TELPAD. Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company – PLDT one of the largest telecommunication company launched their own Android 2.2 Touchscreen Tablet (7-inch) called the PLDT TelPad. It’s bundled with PLDT myDSL and landline. You can have it at a starting plan for only P1895 – you’ll get 1Mbps, the tablet, and the landline for free. “Yes it’s FREE.” Although it’s locked-in for 3 years as Mr. Patrick Tang – VP for Retail Voice Acquisition noted during an ambush interview with a fellow blogger in SMX Mall of Asia. Meantinme, for existing PLDT myDSL subscribers, they only need to add P500 per month to be able to upgrade to the TelPad plans.

Too bad for those living in the province like me, this new package will be available for Metro Manila subscriber only for the time being. Mr. Patrick Tang said that, “Hopefully, by January 15, 2011 it will be available also in other regions.” during our interview.


PLDT TELPAD Specification

The PLDT TelPad tablet is powered by a 1Ghz Cortex A8 processor and runs on Android OS version 2.2. The unit has a 2GB internal storage space which can be extended using an SD card and USB slot for extended hard drive. It has a 2-megapixel front camera for still video conferencing calls. It can run undocked up to 40hrs on standby mode and you will be able to watch 3 movies if you want to measure the battery life the other way around. When I checked the unit, noticed at the back of the tablet it was labeled made in the Philippines by the company named “Neugent Technologies, Inc.”

How will PLDT address the growing demands of digital communications?

According to Mr. Patrick Tang, he said “PLDT have completed the P2.8‐billion upgrade of the PLDT Domestic Fiber Optic Network, the country’s most extensive and resilient fiber optic network making the company capable of supporting the high‐bandwidth requirements such as the PLDT TelPad.”

How long did you conceptualized this project?

During in an interview with Mr. Tang, He noted that it started March 2010 with the collaboration of IT engineers and Marketing people of PLDT. Please watch the video.


Note: This is only a teaser post, I will create a new post regarding the PLDT TELPAD Product Launch in details the soonest possible.

For More Information Please Visit the Links Below:

1. Official PLDT Telpad Microsite

2. PLDT TELPAD New Frequently Asked Questions

3. PLDT Telpad Facebook Fan Page

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  • Khoimeni


    • jhongmed

      Thanks for the interest khoimeni….

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  • 조민현

    Great service model !!.

    • jhongmed

      thanks for the visit!

  • Poser Ka Jhong Medina

    kinopya mo lang yung last paragraph mo about the new pldt domestic fiber optic sa website ng pldt eh. “During an interview…” ka pa jan! poser!

  • Veryconcernedcitizen47

    hi i just want to ask if its wifi capable? thanks. -John

    • jhongmed

      John yes its wifi ready.

  • Superin

    Di naman pala totally free and telpad unit. Kahit matapos mo na yung lock-in period na 3 years i-susurender mo pa rin yung telpad unit sa kanila! Parang hindi OK yung style nila no? Bakit naman pag nag lock-in ka sa mga Mobile Carriers pagkatapos mo ng lock-in period iyo na yung celphone unit na nakabundle sa plan dito sa PLDT i-susurender mo sa kanila.


    • jhongmed

      The Telpad it free. Pagnatapos mo yung 3 years hindi mo na i-susurender yung telpad. It’s yours

      • _yhatz_

        can i used its wifi capabilities to share? prang pde q xang gwing router..? meron po bang ibang site wherein i can see the full specs and features of telpad?

        • jhongmed

, i think hindi sya router

        • Xyano77

          It’s called thetering… I always using this function when I’m mobile and I need to access our servers. My laptop is connected to the net… thetered to my samsung galaxy tab.

          But Telpad is a different story. It doesn’t have GSM Sim slot to enable your mobile internet via GPRS/3G/HSPA.

          It works like a SIP device/VOIP phone connected to a wifi accesspoint/router. Most likely PLDT will be providing your wireless DSL router.

      • pongs

        Bulok na yung telpad mo after 3yrs hahaha

  • Doc_andrewmac

    hi how could i avail the unit?

    • jhongmed

      Just visit your nearest pldt office. If you’re already a myDSL subscriber only have to an additional 500 on your monthly bill. Thanks Doc Andrew!

  • Jes_joi

    paano po mag apply at how much po?

    • jhongmed

      visit the nearest pldt office and fill-up the application form. If you’re an existing mydsl subscriber you’ll just add 500 lang.

  • ysmin

    dapat tlgang 3 years? awch naman! it means, almost 18k ang payment?! gosh! bili nlng ako ng china tablet!.

    • jhongmed

      you calculated it right, but man 18k is installment for 3 yrs but of course, may mga additional services at applications na customized for us filipino subscribers.

    • pongs

      masyado matagal ang lockin period na 3yrs ITS VERY POSSIBLE that other provider can give better service with a lower cost in 3yrs time

  • Trish Aguirre

    I reserved mine 3 days ago. The PLDT Rep was kind enough to give me a courtesy call yesterday to confirm my reservation.

    She mentioned that the unit will be available to those who reserves this month by January 2011.

    They have a Facebook Fanpage:

    I reserved my unit thru their Facebook Fanpage.

    There are also plans & details about it there.

    Hope this helps.

    • jhongmed

      Thanks trish for the link, I’m sure a lot of PLDT TELPAD are excited to know this.

  • Laodemerpresado

    gusto ko rin magkaroon ng ganyan madali lng ba makapag-avail nyan?

  • Raymart

    aftie.. how much po and what are the requirements?

    • jhongmed

      it’s P1895, and same requirement if your applying for dsl line. (proof of billing and so on) if you’re already pldt my dsl subscriber you’ll need to upgrade to 1895 or add 500 to your monthly bill

    • frix


  • joevic

    i just want to ask my usb ba toh.

  • Aurawind22

    A Tablet with a landline! PLDT TELPAD is now available for reservation. Enjoy unlimited internet that comes with a tablet and a landline. All of them in one awesome package. Visit their website now for more information. The website on this listing is the official website of PLDT TELPAD. Reservations made on other websites will not be honored by PLDT.

  • guest

    pldt says after 3 yrs…they still own the unit….you have to surrender it if you cut your service line…

    its a rip off..not worth it…its just an ordinary tablet which they bundled with a phone and dsl…nothing special…in effect, you are renting it for 3 yrs…

    and btw..its not true that you pay extra 500 on your existing plan…the min amount you pay is 1895…in my case, my plan is 990…they said i need to upgrade to the 1mbps plan then pay extra 500…so total cost is really 1895 MIN!

    am soo disappointed with this…

  • Princessjha23

    when this telepad be available in Bulacan area? thanks

  • Carmel

    Hello. If mag a-avail po ba nito. Mag kano po ba ang bayad?

  • Carmel Dee Amigable

    dapat may 18k para maka avail?

  • Jonathan_talento_07


  • Wachai_poly2

    magiging akin n ba ung tablet?after 3 years?

  • Jonathan Vinuya


  • Thewebmagazine

    I also atended this event

  • GU3SS

    How would you connect two or more laptops to access the internet??.
    do i need to attached a wifi-router?? how? is it compatible to any routers locally available?

    • jhongmed

      Hi Gu3ss,

      You’ll be needing a router indeed, but not necessary a wifi-router. If you have a wifi-ethernet adaptor on your laptops, wifi-router will save you a lot of work. A lot of wifi-routers are available in computer stores. I’m using Dlink and TPLink in my internetcafe, and Linksys in my office. If you have more question just feel free to post it here.

  • Online Pharmacy UK

    PLDT Telpad is a new innovation in the field of technology truly. Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company has always been the leading company when it comes to technology and it is obvious that you can expect a 2.2 touch screen from it. Looking forward!

  • Madamvernz2868

    to : PLDTTELPAD,,,id like to inform u that my TELPAD is not yet connecting in wifi, internet,always scanning lng.,they deliverd march 13,sunday.not yet install it because i have no wifi already,then i buy wifi modem at pldt bussines opis laspinas march 14, monday.and trying to connect myTELPAD BUT ITS NOT WORKING… pls call me 8014747 or 09196917199 ..thankz..

  • Lupobenitz

    tanong ko, kailangan ba ng wireless router para gumana ng PAD, kasi ang existing wireless router ko ay N-series, base sa specs ng PAD b/g lang.


    • jhongmed

      I think it works as a router din, so you can surf even it’s undock.