Marvel Strike Force – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Question No.1:


I have problem loading the Marvel Strike Force, does reinstalling the game will solve the problem? Is my game progress will be lost if I will reinstall it?


Before you do anything else (catastrophic… just kidding) , here’s a (2) two simple diagnostic steps that  you can do?

1. Check you’re phone specs:

Marvel Strike Force runs on iOS 9 or later, it needs 1GB of memory and runs on a 64 bit device.

iPhone 5s, 6, 6s, 6+ 6s+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+
iPad 5, iPad Air, Air2, Mini2, Mini3, Mini4
Pro 9.7, Pro 12.9, Pro 10.5

You will need 168mb of disk space to install the game.

For Android Phone, you’ll need an Android 4.4 KitKat or later and 1GB of memory that support OpenGLES 3.0.

2. Check you internet connection: 

According to FoxNext: For an optimal gaming experience, make sure that you are connected to a reliable network with a strong Wi-Fi or cellular signal.

To check your internet connection, you can visit SPEEDTEST.NET in the browser or download its app on Android or IOS. Ideally,  1gbps is enough as long as it has a low latency ratings and low ping. Like what I have said on my previous post (Marvel: Strike Force User’s Guide), “The game requires frequent updating of it’s event or campaign data.” that is why it needs a stable internet connection.

Lastly, does reinstalling the game will solved the problem? It might yes, since the game has been release just a few weeks ago. It still have some few glitches in terms of: hardware compatibility, some cosmetic design and coding, etc. Reinstalling the game may refresh the configuration and loosen up those cache data bottle neck. 🙂 Then the last question is… Is your game progress safe? Yes it will be. I simulated reinstalling the game on my Iphone SE mobile, my game progress is still in tack. 

I hope I have answered your question, And if you have more question about the game feel free to comment below. Thanks!


Frequently Asked Question No.2:



Aside it features the MAD TITAN THANOS, MSF Release 1.1 has made a lot of exciting updates…

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Frequently Asked Question No.3:

Why I always got stuck at 42% loading?


If you always got stuck at 42% loading here’s the answer from FoxNext Game Customer Support…

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Frequently Asked Question No.4:

New Release Not Loading Problem


Last November 3, 2021, Marvel Strike Force Release a new version 5.8.x. When I updated the game it keep saying “Update Available” several times. To resolve this you need to….

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Frequently Asked Question No. 5:

How do I resolve the Blank Screen Problem launching MSF under BlueStack?


I you are having issue launching MSF under BlueStacks, here is a simple solution:

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