10000 MBPS PLDT Fibr now Available at you very own Home

Yes you heard me right! That’s 10000 MBPS PLDT Fibr Internet Speed availabl at your very own home. This means no more buffering on your 8k streaming. Again not 4K its 8K Streaming, connecting to all your streaming services on multiple devices simultaneously! 10K MBPS is equivalent to 10GBPS, imagine downloading movie videos or large files in just seconds.

10000 MBPS PLDT Fibr Home Internet Plan Offering
My Current Internet Speed Averaging 200MBPS

10000 MBPS PLDT Fibr Home Internet Plan Offering

PLDT Fibr has revealed its fastest Home Fiber Optics Internet plan at 10K mbps or 10 Gigabits per Seconds. According to PLDT Fibr, with its latest and fastest plan offering, users may experience ultra-fast WiFi speed and 4K/8K UHD streaming without buffering at the widest area coverage up to 6K square feet. The country’s largest ISP company claimed that their latest offering plan gives its clients to connect to all their streaming services on multiple devices simultaneously.

PLDT Home Fibr states that the plan has an guaranteed average speed of 8 Gigabit per Seconds and a minimum speed of 3 Gigabit per Seconds at 80% reliability.

Benefits of 10 Gigabit per Seconds?

The 10 Gigabit Ethernet or a. k. a.10GigE is the fastest bandwidth service available in the industry. At this level, you can connect seperate offices, factories, warehouses and retail stores to the Internet. Connecting it as point to point private lines as it was like a Local Area Network. Bandwidth is symmetrical and private, as you would expect.

When we get to these fast bandwidth levels, alot of process will become available for IT administrator like me. Technically, you can opt for the standard fiber optic connection and performs all of the administration of the compute resources. This is including server and operating system maintenance, and remote capacity provisioning. You may also do automatic scaling, monitoring and logging on the fiber without the hassle. 🙂

At home, we can say goodbye to the buffering wheel and experience the entire space in 8K movie videos streaming.

What’s included in the Plan?

According PLDT Home Fibr, they will provide new set of high-powered FTTH ONU router, two (2) Asus Zen Wifi devices, and CAT6A or CAT7 LAN cable for you to maximize your 10,000 Mbps bandwidth. These will be set up for you by a highly-trained PLDT Fibr technical team.

I only hope they have also updraged their support system so we will have less PLDT Home Fibr Internet Problem for its client.

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