10000 MBPS PLDT Fibr now Available at you very own Home

Yes you heard me right! That’s 10000 MBPS PLDT Fibr Internet Speed availabl at your very own home. This means no more buffering on your 8k streaming. Again not 4K its 8K Streaming, connecting to all your streaming services on multiple devices simultaneously! 10K MBPS is equivalent to 10GBPS, imagine downloading movie videos or large files in just seconds.

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PLDT Home Fibr Internet Troubleshooting Tips Before Dialing 171.


Are you also having the same internet connection problem? Is your internet browser are taking forever to load as well? Based on your speed test result, you are also receiving less than 2 MBPS on download and below 27 MBPS on upload. At the same time, your children are on panic because they can’t access their learning modules as well… Well, worry no more… YOU ARE NOT ALONE!…. 🙂

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