5 Things I Love about Fuji Film X-E1 Camera

Last week I was able get hold of the latest Fuji Film X-E1 Camera and take it for a test drive for a week.  It was a very fun experience for me, but suddenly felt sad when I have to bid goodbye and part ways with it for this short period of time.

Anyways, I’m very fortunate I was able to share to you what I love about this baby. Here’s my personal experience:

1. Compact and Retro Look

I was already captured with my initial impression of the Fuji Film X-E1. I love the compact look, it’s light weight only which weigh only 350gm with the battery attached.  It’s compact shape also gives a retro look of the early film cameras.


2. Quick Response Time

This digital camera has a very fast response time.  Unlike other digital cameras, the Fuji Film X-E1, give you a very quick shutter time lag which requires only 5% of a second for your second snapshot. With this feature you’ll hardly miss a shot.


3. Powerful and Flexible Image Capturing

Using the Fuji Film X-E1 for a week, I can say it is a very powerful digital camera. The interchangeable lens makes it flexible and make your shots look like a pro. It’s very ideal for bloggers and photo enthusiast like me.


4.  Easy to Navigate Digital and Analog Controls

With the X-E1, the settings can be checked even when the camera is off, which gives you instant control on how you will capture your subject and gives you a quick start up. The analog dials and controls provides you a very suitable response in adjusting your focus, shutter speed and exposure.  Menus and quick function buttons are readily accessible within the reach of your fingers tips.


5.  High Definition View Finder

Looking at the view finder can never be as flexible and comfortable with X-E1. It has a bright 2.36M-dot “OLED electronic viewfinder” display where you can view setting as if you’re looking on the lcd panel at the same time focus on your subjects.

Basically, the Fuji Film X-E1 Camera is a compact and powerful digital you can bring anywhere. With it’s interchangeable lenses you put you shooting it a higher level. The Fuji Film X-E1 Camera will definitely be a part of my 2013 Wishlist.

Wanna know more? You can visit their Fujifilm Concept Store at the Lower Ground Floor, Building A SM Megamall Pasig City to get an on hand experience of the Fuji Film X-E1 Camera.

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