How to Remote Access your Computer Using your Android Phone

Thank God I’m back to blogging, after a few weeks of hibernating (LOL). Really, I been sick and got busy offline with my clients and with my day job.  I want to start back again by answering a question from one my readers, asking about mobile remote access.

 Here’s the question:

“Hi, Please can you advise if I will be able to have remote access to my PC at work from Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 using Teamviewer. Note that our PC’ at work run off a local server. Also, will JAVA based apps be accessible?” [Chris Aaron]

The Answer:

Yes, you can use teamviewer for mobile by downloading it here. You would be able to execute any apps as long as you executed the application on the remote computer.  You can view and control the remote mouse or cursor using your mobile phone. Watch the video that I got from youtube on teamviewer’s channel.

Note that you can also download teamviewer not only for Android Phones but with Ipads too!

Well Chris, I hope I’ve answered you question. Please feel free to email me anytime or comment on this post if you have further question and hope  you visit my blog often for more qlick tips  and solutions!

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