How to Configure Email on Android Phones or Tablets

Configuring your Email for Android Devices:

If you want to know How to Configure Email Client for your Android Devices, simply follow the easy steps below.

Before we start, make sure you have the following handy:

  1. Domain name: [use your domain name]
  2. Email address: [use your own email account]
  3. Your email password. “**********” [your own password please]
  4. Email Configuration from your Web Hosting Provider (you can ask your provider).
    1. Incoming Server: name and port number ( | 143)
    2. Outgoing Server: name and port number  ( | 587)


and of course, your ANDROID device 🙂 near you.

In this example, i have screen captured the user interface for the email configuration of a Samsung Grand Duos GT19082 under Android OS, v4.1.2 (Jelly Bean). Please note that  interface (U/I) may vary with other android versions.

Step by Step on How to Configure Email on Android Phones or Tablet:

If you have the above details ready, we can start the step by step configuration of your Email Client:

1. Start with opening your Email Client on your Android Device.


2. I assume that this is your first time to configure this, so enter your email address and password.


3. Enter your Email Address, Username, Password, and IMAP server. Check that the port is set at 143 if will use IMAP Server. (Note: Soon I will discuss the difference of IMAP and POP3 Server, meantime, if you’re hosting under your username is the same with your email address.)


4. Next, enter the SMTP Server: [ask your service provider], the port number [587] and the username (your email address). Note: Make sure the Require Sign In checkbox is checked.


5. Finally, when you see the interface below just tap next, and we are ready to send and received emails thru our Android Mobile Phones or Tablets.


I hope i was able to walk you thru on How to Configure Email on Android Phones or Tablet, it’s configuration and settings, if you still have encountered problems… please feel free to comment on the comment box below. Thanks for visiting!


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