Icarus the Phoenix in DotA 6.70 for real?

Defense of the Ancient 6.69 is finally out, without new characters. I would like to shift in to the  fun part of my blog which is – “Gaming”. I’ve been featuring DotA several  characters in this blog, but it never got excited when I mention to my DotA Peeps about Icarus the Phoenix. A lot … Read more Icarus the Phoenix in DotA 6.70 for real?

New Heroes on DotA 6.68

Defense of the Ancient 6.68, You thought you’ve seen it all! “Development is underway on the next patch DotA 6.69. It won’t take as long to release as the previous version did.” according to Ice Frog (Developer of DotA). But either way, here the latest characters from DotA 6.68. They said that, Icarus the Phoenix … Read more New Heroes on DotA 6.68

New Heroes on DotA v6.66

Defense of the Ancient Rise of the New Hereos

On the latest version of DotA (Defence of the Ancient) 6.66 new characters was added by Ice Frog. The latest DotA version 6.66 was release last January 13, 2010 which corrected map exploits and bugs.

The Newest Heroes are:

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Kael's Chaos Meteor – The Ultimate Weapon in DotA

Warcraft: Defense of the Ancient – Gaming Tips

One of my patrons or customer in my Qlick Internet Cafe approached me yesterday “Bakit Kael Kuya Jhong?” or asking why did I choose Kael the Invoker is my favorite, “Where Kael’s skills is hard to use” he added. He must have read my previous post on “Who’s your favorite DotA character?” So I run him down some facts of Kael’s skill and advantages againts other Warcraft Charaters:

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Who's your favorite DotA Character?

Warcraft: Defense of the Ancient Gaming Tips

To cope up with what you call “writer’s block” let us shift to something fun, and let out the child within us.  Forgive me if I turn to my childish side, but my Qlick Internet Café also offers online gaming right? Ok what is DotA? DotA means Defense of the Ancients is a custom scenario for the real-time strategy video game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and its expansion, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. Warcraft has been around several years now, it started 1994 with it’s Warcraft: Orcs & Humans. Until now Warcraft: Defence of the Ancient has been around and has been constantly being developed by the developer is known by his pseudonym as “IceFrog”, and has been developing the game since 2005.

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