The ECS US$1000 Overclocking Contest

ECS Overclock Shootout Competition in Future mark with $1000 Prize for Power Winner

Just in case you’re new to the word overclocking….Overclocking is more usually practiced by computer enthusiasts seeking improvements in the performance of their computers, although may carry risks of damaging your system if you misconfigured it. So if you are you an overclocking enthusiast… Well this contest is for you! ECS launched last October 10, 2011 a US$1000 Overclocking Contest for speed, power and precision users.

ECS Futuremark OC PR

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Things I Can Do with a Samsung Smart TV (Part II)

I’m very grateful to all my friends who commented and liked the first part of my entry for the “Things I Can Do With a Samsung Smart TV” contest. Thank you for all the support.

Since Samsung Smart TV have limitless possibilities of things that we can do with it, I’ll have to break down these into series of post. So that I can also gather more comments and likes from you guys. Because the more comments and likes that I get the more chances for me to win… So Guys, click the Likes button and comment on!

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Samsung Smart TV – Things I Can Do with a Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV

Last April 7, 2011 Samsung announced a contest for Bloggers, the “THINGS I CAN DO WITH A SAMSUNG SMART TV” contest. One lucky blogger will be watching his favorite movies in LED TV and will be browsing the internet with the SAMSUNG SMART TV D8000… And I’m hoping it would be ME…”Career na to! Lol!” So I’m asking a little favor to all my readers… relatives … friends … and friends of friends to like and comment on my post at the Samsung Fan page. I would also be grateful if you could also tag your friends to like and comment my post too.

Samsung Smart TV Contest

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