Samsung Smart TV – Things I Can Do with a Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV

Last April 7, 2011 Samsung announced a contest for Bloggers, the “THINGS I CAN DO WITH A SAMSUNG SMART TV” contest. One lucky blogger will be watching his favorite movies in LED TV and will be browsing the internet with the SAMSUNG SMART TV D8000… And I’m hoping it would be ME…”Career na to! Lol!” So I’m asking a little favor to all my readers… relatives … friends … and friends of friends to like and comment on my post at the Samsung Fan page. I would also be grateful if you could also tag your friends to like and comment my post too.

Samsung Smart TV Contest

Things I Can Do With A Samsung Smart TV

A TV with an Internet connection gives you more power at your finger tips, its like an “idiot box get smarter”. That’s why I would love to have a Samsung Smart TV, so that I would be able to do the following:

Thing I can do with a Samsung Smart TV

#1 Blog … Of Course… 🙂

I can create interesting and informative post while watching my favorite movies with it. Doing more at lesser time means more time for myself and family.


#2 Monitor my Internet Cafe

Since Samsung Smart TV has an internet connection, I can easily monitor my Internet Cafe even at my room watching my favorite movies. I can use the Samsung Smart TV to access the IP Surveillance Camera at the office or even view the web camera that I use to monitor my shop with out missing a round watching Manny Pacquiao’s Fight! Whooooot!


#3 Provide Remote Desktop Support

Samsung Smart TV has a built in web browser, where I can use it to login to and conduct remote desktop support to friends or clients while bonding with my children watching movie marathons. [Wanna Know How…?]

Remote Desktop Support using Samsung Smart TV

#4 Show Off My Photos by Just Plugging-in My USB

With Samsung Smart TV, I can just plug-in my USB Drive at the back of the Smart TV and with a few click of the remote I can show-off my photos to my visitors, guest and/or couch buddies at home. Samsung Smart Hub will automatically detect the pictures for you and by just clicking the Photos Apps, your photos will be displayed right away. You can even upload it right away to your wall using the Samsung Facebook Apps…


#5 Do some Trash talking on Mosley Fans while watching the Pacquiao Vs. Mosley Fight

Using the Social TV apps, I can do some trash talking on Mosley Fans while watching Pacquiao Vs. Mosley Fight on the Samsung Smart TV. The Social TV apps let you watch videos or movies while doing some microblogging under twitter or your status on Facebook. Who’s your bet guys?

samsung smart tv06

Well Peeps, can you help me out with this? By adding some of your ideas on the “Things we can do with a Samsung Smart TV” below, you can help win this contest… or you can just click the like button above so that you’ll received updates on what’s the latest about Samsung Smart TV . I will definitely appreciate everything and it would be a good birthday gift for me if ever I win this contest on May 3.

Things I can do with a Samsung Smart TV (Part II)

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52 thoughts on “Samsung Smart TV – Things I Can Do with a Samsung Smart TV”

  1. My son loves to watch movie and i need to accompany him watching but movie ticket prices are becoming expensive, and I find it more practical to just download the latest movies and view it at home. The Samsung Smart TV , allowing me to watch my downloaded movies in an large screen.

  2. good to learn they introduced the Smart TV in Pinas. i’m also excited as well – particularly the social aspect of it. although the lack of Bluetooth is one setback – i hope they could integrate it as well.

    if you may, please check my initial review on my blog too

  3. #2 Monitor my Internet Cafe
    How have you done that, I want to monitor my IP surveillance camera, RTSP stream, H.264, no audio, could you please point me how can that be done. Thx.

    • Hi Gasp,

      It will depend on your IP Camera software…. Does it
      support http access and a public ip enabled? If yes you’ll only have to
      use the Samsung Smart TV Browser to access it.

      Hope it will help! Thanks for the visit!

      • OK, I understand what you mean, you are connecting to your IP camera with build-in browser.
        Actually what I want is to view RTSP H.264 or MJPEG 1080p stream on my Smart TV directly without browser and the video should be full screen. It can be accessed from internet or localy.
        I have found that smart TV doesn’t support RTSP/RTP, but I do have one server on LAN so maybe I will transcode on fly with some media converter on that server and send it over DLNA , I am still searching for the best option, I found something promissing a media on fly converter RTSP -> RTMP, but I haven’t to test it jet.
        My IP camera (Sanyo) can be viewed only with IE and ActivX plugins, or by VLC and RTSP/RTP(h.264) or MJPEG, or with external streamer which supports RTSP and h.264,  that are my only options, now I am trying to find out how can be stream played by Smart TV directly.

  4. Hi Gasp,

    It will depend on your IP Camera software…. Does it support http access and a public ip enabled? If yes you’ll only have to use the Samsung Smart TV Browser to access it.

    Hope it will help! Thanks for the visit!


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