WinilaCity and Qlick Cafe Give away 15mins more on Rental and 15 mins Free Promo

Qlick Internet Cafe and WinilaCity will be giving away FREE 15Minutes on Internet Rental  effective April 1, 2011 if you click the Like button of and Fan Page.

Winila City

Winila City is the HOTTEST group buying site that offers you the hottest deals in the metro! It offers BIG BIG Discount on a limited time and if the deal meets the number of availments. If not enough people join the promo, no gets the deal, and no body will be charge. Aside from that, If you invite friends and purchased three items, you get yours for FREE! YES, you heard me right… ITS FREE!


Qlick Internet Cafe

So everytime you rent and click the like button or post a comment on the wall of and you get 15MINUTES FREE on your internet rentals!

So what are you waiting for… Like us NOW!

Php 1,000 Pancake House Gift Certificate and Php 500 Going Straight Salon Gift Card Raffle

And That’s Not All! Qlick Cafe and WinilaCity will be giving away Php 1,000.00 worth of Gift Certificate from Pan Cake House and Php 500 worth of Gift Card from Going Straight Salon if you post a comment on our wall…Stay Tune for the complete promo mechanics….

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