Thinking of Promotional Items for Qlick Cafe Anniversary

Qlick Cafe will be celebrating its 7th Year Anniversary this coming December 2011, and I was thinking of what promotional items to give away this year. So I googled for custom t-shirt and promotional pens and was given a list of companies I could choose from. After checking out various companies, I decided to click the link from the Upon navigating to their PROMO ITEM I chose to continue browsing the “promotional keychains“. Because it made me think of something else, instead of giving away customized T-shirt like what I did few years ago.  I’m thinking of key chain to give-away this time.

The site is easy to navigate. It has several categories available right away in the menu.  Each item has thumbnail preview and when you click the details it has a complete description of the product. That’s why it led me browsing more on the #1 Hard-Plastic Keytag.

The site is amazing! It even provide online customization of the key-chain that I would like to purchased. It asked me to upload the logo I wanted to used and 4 liner text that I wanted to add in the key chain. Great isn’t it?



But when I’m about to place my order and check out I paused for a while when I computed the minimum order at 250 pcs.  I’m a little over the budget.  Although its a good value if I’ll compute it in Philippine Peso … I’ll be spending  only Php 29.00 each. It’s pretty cheap right? But let me think it over…. What do you think guys?

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