Things I Can Do with a Samsung Smart TV (Part II)

I’m very grateful to all my friends who commented and liked the first part of my entry for the “Things I Can Do With a Samsung Smart TV” contest. Thank you for all the support.

Since Samsung Smart TV have limitless possibilities of things that we can do with it, I’ll have to break down these into series of post. So that I can also gather more comments and likes from you guys. Because the more comments and likes that I get the more chances for me to win… So Guys, click the Likes button and comment on!

Samsung Smart TV Contest

#1 Forecast the Weather using the AccuWeather Apps

Like what I have said before on my previous post, Samsung Smart TV has a Smart Hub Application that lets you download and install free apps online. One of them is the AccuWeather Apps. This application gives you your daily weather forecast and from daily temperature as well. So before traveling outside it is advisable to check the accuweather apps on your smart tv.

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#2 Plan you Summer Trips using the Google Map Apps of Samsung Smart TV

Its already summer and a lot of us are planning to go to places we never been before, such as province, beaches, resorts and hotels. Using Samsung Smart TV Google Map Apps you can find your way to any destination ahead of time. You can plan your road trips by studying routes to your destination .


#3 Order Merienda using Samsung Smart TV

After watching a marathon movies, you’ll get hungry right? Why don’t you order yourself some “Merienda” using the Samsung Smart TV Web Browser. Order yourself some cheese burger and coke to complete your day and your movie marathon experience.


#4 Shop online using the Samsung Smart TV

If your not in the mood going to the mall, but you need to buy something online. You can visit Ebay or Amazon for your online shopping needs. Using the Samsung Web Browser you go to your favorite online store and shop al you want….


#5 Videoke to the Max…with my TGIF Friends !

If I have a Samsung Smart TV in our livingroom, it will be a Videoke to the max night every Fridays with my TGIF friends… Enjoy the crystal clear high definition widescreen videoke experience with Samsung Smart TV along with Samsung Home Theater System. Isn’t the great to have?


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