Globe 4G Expansion to Launch HSPA+ in the Country

HSPA+ or Evolved High-Speed Packet Access

HSPA+  Evolved High-Speed Packet Access

Globe Telecoms
has been pioneering mobile 4G technologies since 2009 under Globe 4G|WiMax services and technologies. According to the news I’ve heard, they’ve announced that they will be expanding this 4G technologies to provide its subscribers high speed broadband access up to 21Mbps at the end of 2011. They will utilized the global standard HSPA+ or Evolve High-Speed Packet Access, to provide a better consumer experiences such as higher peak rates, lower latency, improved “always-on experience”, better multimedia uploads, high-speed web browsing and faster streaming and downloads. Additional to this, they are aiming to accomplished better area coverage in Metro Manila before the end of the year.

What is HSPA+?

HSPA+, or Evolved High-Speed Packet Access, is a 4G wireless, mobile, high speed broadband technology that allows for peak theoretical download speeds of up to 21 Mbps with upgradeability for 84Mbps. Under Globe HSPA+ network, subscribers are expected to enjoy browsing at an average speed of 4-6 Mbps with even faster peak speeds.

HSPA+ technology has been available since 2008 in Australia’s Telstra Next G. Philippines has been behind in the Mobile Internet technology from other countries for almost three years now. And finally this technology will address the problems of the continuing growth of mobile communication users. Having this technology available, mobile user in our company would be more productive because they would be able to have the right information faster and better.

globe 4g

Here’s what I can do with this kind of speed:

1. I would be to do multitasking activities such as… blogging and upload movies to youtube with out worries.

2. I don’t have to click the pause button and wait for the buffering to finish just to experience a smooth watching or streaming movies experience.

3. This will improve my browsing experience. Faster webpage loading time. I can would be able to open a flash rich site without the hassle.
So what do you think you can do with this big improvement or development in our mobile communications?

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