Globe Launches 10Mbps 4G HSPA+

Globe Telecom Launches 10Mbps Internet Speed

Last April 17, 2011, I’ve posted about the launching of HSPA+ (or Evolved High-Speed Packet Access) technology from Globe Telecoms. I also quoted, “Under Globe HSPA+ network, subscribers will enjoy browsing at an average speed of 4-6 Mbps with even faster peak speeds.” But according to recent broadband launched by Globe Telecoms, subscribers can now enjoy  an internet speeds burstable up to 10Mbps.

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HTC Desire S – InterCon Launched

HTC Desire S at a Glance


Last April 28, 2011, I got hold of one of the latest smart phones from HTC Corporation – “HTC Desire S” at the Icon Resto Bar at Intercontinental Hotel in Makati. It was a night of good food, drinks and pretty ladies all-in-one place. HTC promised its a whole new experience for HTC Desire users. As a successor to the popular and award-winning HTC Desire, the new HTC Desire S blends stunning design with power and speed.

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Globe 4G Expansion to Launch HSPA+ in the Country

HSPA+ or Evolved High-Speed Packet Access

HSPA+  Evolved High-Speed Packet Access

Globe Telecoms
has been pioneering mobile 4G technologies since 2009 under Globe 4G|WiMax services and technologies. According to the news I’ve heard, they’ve announced that they will be expanding this 4G technologies to provide its subscribers high speed broadband access up to 21Mbps at the end of 2011. They will utilized the global standard HSPA+ or Evolve High-Speed Packet Access, to provide a better consumer experiences such as higher peak rates, lower latency, improved “always-on experience”, better multimedia uploads, high-speed web browsing and faster streaming and downloads. Additional to this, they are aiming to accomplished better area coverage in Metro Manila before the end of the year.

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