Provide Remote Desktop Support using Teamviewer and Samsung Smart TV

TeamViewer GmbH is one of the leading providers of remote control and online-presentation software that offers TeamViewer 6. In which the new version brings innovative connection options and performance enhancing features to the all-in-one solution. In version 6 the QuickSupport customer module, designed for fast and straightforward access to client computers, is optimized with customized features that adapt to business needs. Customers can reach out directly to supporters, as they are able to send chat messages, eliminating the need to call or send an email. TeamViewer also enables you to conduct presentation remotely from any computer that has an Internet connection. The web browser frontend of TeamWiewer or also known Web Connect conveniently lets you connect to another computer from any browser that supports flash.

How to Connect to a Remote Desktop using a Browser

TeamViewer Web Connector is the ideal way to conveniently control remote computers from any browser. Since the Web Connector uses only HTML and Flash 9, you can use it in security critical environments, even when ActiveX or Java applications are not allowed. To conduct a remote session follow this simple steps:

teamviewer web connect

1. Login to Sign up and create an account. An email will be forwarded to you to activate the account.
2. After activation, sign in using the account you have created.

teamviewer web connect

3. Then you’ll be prompted to the web connect page, you can now enter the teamviewer ID and password at the “Establish quick connection” Pane. Make sure that the remote computer has the teamviewer ready

teamviewer 04

4. Click Connect, and wait to establish connections.

teamviewer web browser connect

5. Once successful, then your done. You can chat, transfer file and control the remote computer.

teamviewer web chat

Things I can do with Samsung Smart TV – Entry # 3

Since Samsung Smart TV has a built-in web browser, I can use it to login to perform the procedure above and conduct remote desktop support to friends or clients while bonding with my children watching movie marathons. Isn’t that neat!

Samsung Smart TV Contest

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  • Sire_arevalo

    Wow great tip! All the more I want one!

    • Jhong Medina

      Thanks Sire. Me too, grabe I wanted it na talaga!

  • leirs

    wow!!! dumugo ilong ko hehehe but this was a great and creative way to use the TV

    • Jhong Medina

      Napa ngiti ako doon Leirs… Well, I’m very grateful for the support!

  • blankPixels

    Oohh, that’d be cool to do that at the comfort of your own home. Well, my computer shop is just outside my home so I guess I won’t really need it. Hehehe. I’m using LogMeIn, by the way, to help my friends with their tech problems.

    But, if your shop is far from your house, this will really be convenient. If there’s a problem at your shop and you’re busy bonding with your family in front of your Samsung TV, you can easily switch to the browser to check on the issue right away without having to leave. I’m loving the TV when I saw it at iBlog7.

    Good luck, Jhong! :)

    • Jhong Medina

      I tried LogMeIn few years ago…I shifted to teamviewer because of it has greater features. Thanks and I wish you luck too, Mhel… :)

  • Vincent Nunez

    This is very helpful information.

    • Jhongmed

      Thanks Vince!

  • Dj

    super galing tips from you kuya!!! all the best…

  • Mae

    hanep tlga!!! kakabilib ang features… :))

  • rjay

    Transferring info’s using smart tv remote browser super wow sa galing!!! want to try it…

  • Nona

    pinag isipan mo tlga to kuya jhong ha… pag di k p nmn nanalo nito, ewan ko n lng…

  • Sam

    thanks for sharing technical features of samsung smart tv… hope u win!!!

  • Emar

    hirap nito ah sa iba.. pero sau pinadali mo lng… challenging!!! ayos bro!!!

  • Devie

    ikw na !!! i love the features…. pwede!!!

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  • andrea

    in my samsung smart tv it seems I am missing the adobe flash player … and I can not do anything …
    where I can find this ?

  • Fred

    Unfortunatelly the teamview idea seems not to work any more. The stile of the teamview login page changed a liitle bit. It says that the browser of my samsung smart tv does not support flash player. But it really does! Nevertheless no connection to a client can be done. Can onyone confirm this? Any hints to solve this problem?

    • Rauschwogl

      i´ve got the same problem! Did you already solve it?

  • Hessel Offringa

    Same problem with Flash overhere … so doesn’t work (anymore)?

  • Hessel Offringa

    Just checked LogMeIn: that does work, but is quite slow and certainly not usable for streaming pictures …

  • Skyslak

    Is it possible to do it vice versa? Connect my smart tv with PC via teamviewer?

  • Aliasgar Babat

    In addition to Teamviewer, you may want to consider GoSupportNow at $19.95/month. It works well.