Things I can do with Samsung Smart TV (Last Entry)

An Idiot Box No More

TV has been known as an “Idiot Box”. But last April 7, Samsung launched a new TV that evolves our viewing experience into higher level. This innovation enables viewer to interact and communicate using the TV. It is the new Samsung Smart TV.


To summarized everything, think of SAMSUNG SMART TV as a TV, a Computer, Wifi, Social Media App and an Internet Access rolled into one. So if you think of possibilities it would be endless. Samsung Smart TV – an Idiot Box No More…

The Smart TV

Courtesy of Doc Z

And then there it was – Internet tv.

What sounded like fantasy is now a tech savvy’s reality.

More reasons to stay late at night,

It’s a justification to an insomniac’s delight.

The living room turned into a “command center” bursting with color and information.

Every household should have this wonder of imagination.

But late one night in this new owner’s abode,

He heard footsteps creaking down his livingroom floor.

He got out of bed and slowly investigated,

“Who the heck would be in my house at this fracking moment.

A masked man seated in his favorite “lazy boy.”

He suddenly had goosebumps when the dark man said, “Oy!”

“Come here and show me how to go to my Facebook,

been trying to log on buy it needs your password.”

So carefully our nerd typed in his secret numbers,

Got in to the Internet tv for this scary old badger.

“Err, thanks mate, I’ll add you on my friends list.”

With a second’s length of look, our hero started to laugh

And the burglar joined him in an awkward circumstance.

“You should get one like this,” our hero chided.

“I already have,” this thief retorted.

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