Social Media in the Philippines.

Social Media in Philippine Industry

Social Media is becoming more and more popular to Filipinos each day. It already became a part of our daily digital life. According to, the Philippines is now the 5th largest country in Facebook led by the United States. Almost 21% of our populations are checking wall post and uploading photos on their Facebook wall. This presents as a potential business opportunity for Philippine organizations and marketing companies to reach out to their target audience using social media. Most organizations are now devising marketing campaigns specifically for various social networking platforms which open challenges to enterprise social media management.

Social Media as a Marketing Tool.

The 122% growth since January 2010, Social Media is a new medium for press releases, brand awareness and customer relationship management in the country today. With the ease and relatively cheaper rates of using the Internet, it has now become more accessible even to the common Filipino. This accessibility has opened doors to more activities on the internet as well as social networking sites. In turn, different forms of engagement in social media such contest and feedback gathering have enabled brands and companies to interact directly with its customers.


Here are some interesting facts about social media in the Philippines:

Did you know?

– That on the average, Filipinos visit Faceboook 3 times a day for a total of 34 minutes.
– Philippines is 4th top growing Facebook countries in the world.
– 1.5 Million New Users in January 2011 Alone
– 20,802,540 users as of January 2011
– 21% of the whole Philippine population to date
– 70% of all online Filipinos are on Facebook

Since Social Media Marketing has becoming popular medium for marketing, will it replace our traditional way marketing? Tell me what you think about Enterprise Social Media Management?

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