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IBM CIO C-Suite Studies: The Essential CIO

A few days ago, IBM uncovers to us the result of their latest biennial IBM Global Chief Information Officer Study, it’s according to their face-to-face conversation with over 3,000 CIOs from organizations of every size, sector and including 168 CIOs in ASEAN region.


IBM’s Mr. Giuseppe Bruni Associate Partner on Business Strategy for IBM ASEAN Global Business Services, explained the study shows that CIO’s role is seen as fundamental from top management: 68% of the companies interviewed rank technology as totally critical to the success of the business and 58% of them have largely integrated business and technology to innovate. In addition to the detailed personal feedback, IBM also utilized financial metrics, detailed statistical and textual analysis into the study.


Mr. Bruni keynoted three upshot of the CIO study;

  • The Chief Information Officer roles has become fundamental in corporate businesses.
  • CEO’s and CIO’s thinking are very closely aligned.
  • CIO’s need to identify and communicate their MANDATES to be successful in their roles.

CIO Mandates


Furthermore, he added that CIO mandates comes with distinct characteristics that line-up with the organization ‘s goal and strategy. The mandates are the following:

  • Expand Mandate – which focuses on refining business processes and enhance collaboration.
  • Leverage Mandate – focuses on streamlining operations and increase organizational effectiveness.
  • Transform Mandate – change the industry value chain through improved relationships
  • Pioneer Mandate – radically innovate products, markets, and business model.

He also added their study also shows that 60% of the ASEAN CIOs focuses expand and leverage mandate. He also explained that most of the ASEAN CIOs focuses on enhance organizational efficiency and effectiveness.


For the complete press release you can check out my facebook notes at: IBM: ASEAN CIOs are More Closely Aligned to CEOs

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