Epson LightScene Laser Projector – The Latest Innovation in Advertising

epson lightscene laser projector featured image

With the increasing growth of online stores in the Philippines, retailing has made a big leap in terms of innovation. We have already Lazada, Metrodeal, Ensogo dominating on the top of our local e-commerce businesses. Retail stores need to cope-up with the rising development to match and compete the online growth. This is why Epson is very timely to introduce its latest product, Epson LightScene Laser Projector. This will definitely will even up the playing field for the retailing stores.


Epson LightScene Laser Projector

According from our friend in Epson Media Relation Office in Manila, Epson has recently announced the launch of the one its latest innovation, the Epson LightScene Laser Projector.  While the very innovative laser projector is designed to simultaneously illuminate and project dynamic content on virtually any surface or material.

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InFocus IN100 Projectors

InFocus IN100 – Compel Your Audience with your Presentation

Infocus IN102

InFocus Corporation, one of the digital display technology leader and visual collaboration recently introduced its Infocus IN100 Series projectors in the Philippine market. According to its local distributor the InFocus IN100 series offers all of the essential functions and features presenters need in an affordable, reliable projector.

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