How to Change Password using cPanel – WebMail

Change Password using cPanel - WebMail

If you host your email with Qlick Internet Solutions, we also provide you a log-in webpage under your domain name.  In which, we also include your company logo, your company name, mailing address, telephone no and your contact/inquiry email address in the webpage. Aside from having your own email under your preferred domain name you have and single page webpage readily available for you. Below is an Easy Step by Step instructions on “How to Change Password using cPanel – WebMail”.


How to Change Password using cPanel – WebMail

We also provide you with an easy to use cPanel WebMail system where you can access your email anywhere you want it. Every time you subscribes your email hosting to us we will create the emails for you and send you the default password with 24 hours. For security, it is important to change the default password as soon as you received our email using the Qlick Cafe Web Mail facilities installed to your website. Below are simple step-by-step instruction on how to change your default password using the cPanel WebMail:

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How to Remote Access your Computer Using your Android Phone

Thank God I’m back to blogging, after a few weeks of hibernating (LOL). Really, I been sick and got busy offline with my clients and with my day job.  I want to start back again by answering a question from one my readers, asking about mobile remote access.

 Here’s the question:

“Hi, Please can you advise if I will be able to have remote access to my PC at work from Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 using Teamviewer. Note that our PC’ at work run off a local server. Also, will JAVA based apps be accessible?” [Chris Aaron]

The Answer:

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Western Digital Enhances Customer Service with its New Service Center

Last August 1, 2012, Western Digital, announced the official opening of their new service center in Makati to provide better end-user support and strengthen distribution.

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Nokia Siemens Network (NSN) Liquid Net Approach

NSN Liquid Net Approach is the answer to problematic mobile internet connection, at last!

The unexpected growth in demand for internet usage especially among Smartphone users, brought about by the popularity of social networking sites and radical evolution of new applications utilizing the internet, has caused downtime and often failure of mobile phone users to connect to the internet.

Often, those that have paid a premium for their internet connections, mostly post paid subscribers of Communications Service Providers (CSPs), end up frustrated about paying so much and not being able to succeed with their chat, calls, messaging or data download, games, movies or access to networking sites.

For the CSPs, which absorb the brunt of frustrated customers, the solution is often to upgrade the infrastructure (cell sites and more hardware and software acquisition and upgrades) that could hardly be recouped from their current subscriber base and sales of accounts.

To be able to earn more, they resort to giving packages, usually for pre-paid customers, like unlimited calls or text, unlimited surfing and immortal texts and calls. But these packages tend to aggravate the connection even more and the CSPs end up being more frustrated than ever to find ways to maximize or improve their revenues.


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Online Cash Loan Made Easy by Lenddo

A few days ago, I came across ANC’s “Future Perfect” You Tube video talking about e-commerce. Hosted by Mr. Tony Velasquez, they tackled this intriguing e-commerce website that offers online lending services in the Philippines. According to the technology talk-show, is an online cash loan service provider in the Philippines that offers loan without any collateral and papers needed. That’s why I visited the site and registered to learn more about it.


What is Lenddo?

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Buffalo’s Network Attached Storage Solutions

Buffalo’s CloudStation

The Buffalo CloudStation  is a network attached storage solution specially design for smart phones and tablets that  provides a place to securely store and allowing you to access files anywhere in the world.

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