Thinking of Promotional Items for Qlick Cafe Anniversary

Qlick Cafe will be celebrating its 7th Year Anniversary this coming December 2011, and I was thinking of what promotional items to give away this year. So I googled for custom t-shirt and promotional pens and was given a list of companies I could choose from. After checking out various companies, I decided to click … Read more

Xbox Devotee or Xbox Disappointee

Xbox 360 Managing Issues and Headaches While on one hand, Xbox 360 has managed to attract many, on the other hand, it has also managed to disappoint many with the disputed errors of this game console that keep on evolving every now and then. Here is a good piece of news for all the Xbox … Read more

How to deal with Teamviewer Blank Screen Problem

Teamviewer Blank Screen Problem

Teamviewer Blank Screen Problem Solution I have encountered this problem and I wanted to share this solution to all Teamviewer Users. Below is how to deal with Teamviewer Blank Screen Problem: The Problem I have this remote computer that’s running  24/7 under Windows XP. It’s a surveillance PC where I check the shop with a … Read more