Mike's Blog Marketing Tip – Qlick Dropper Jan 2010

Qlick Dropper of the Month – January 2010

I’ve been hibernating for almost a month now from the blogosphere, but it’s not too late to announce my qlick dropper for the month of Jan 2010 its Mike’s Blog Marketing Tips.

Mike’s Blog Marketing Tips is about tips and information on marketing yourself, a product or service with your blog as well as other things from time to time.

His latest post was about: “Read Helpful Advice About IP Address”. which tackles a little technical about IP Addresses and how it affects your blog marketing.

Another thing I’ve notice great about his blog, he provide his user with statistic and estimated time for reading. Which targets blog readers who usually look for concise but informative post. Great work Mike!
” (610 words, 16 images, estimated 2:26 mins reading time) ”


Congratulations Mike! Sorry for the late post.

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