– November 2009 Qlick Dropper

Qlick Dropper of the Month – Nov 2009, is a deeply committed, and deadly serious an entrecard drop master; that’s why she top my Nov 2009 Qlick Dropper of the Month. is about the colours of Jamie’s life and she write her personal story in this electronic journal. She dreams of getting known for her writings, that’s why she never put her photo of herself in her blog.

According to the author, “Jamie gets inspiration from all kinds of sources and all kinds of situations. Having a simple phone conversation could inspire her to title a book or name a falling star. She is heavily influenced by the constellations and the planets. On warm, starry nights, she can be seen gazing up at the stars. She feels a strong connection between those who have gone on and the constellations that dance at night. She has always wanted to be a writer and has written in a journal since 1992. She has been writing creatively since 1993. In 1994, she won the Young Author of the Year award for her short stories. Her writing is where she shines. She draws her inspiration from her life experiences, and she has a unique outlook on life.”

That’s a little about, visit her site to know more about her and about her writings.

Thanks Jamie and congratulations. Sorry for the late post. by Jamie

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