Optimizing Windows XP #2

Disabling Windows XP File Index

Here is a fast click and quick tips on how to improve your windows xp system.

The indexing service gets info from files on the hard drive and creates a “searchable keyword index.”
If you don’t use the Windows XP Desktop search feature often to look for documents, you can turn this feature off.

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Microsoft Office Tips

How to increase or decrease font size (MS Word)

To quickly increase the font size of selected text, press Ctrl+Shift+>. To decrease the size, press Ctrl+Shift+<. I find it easy to remember these keyboard shortcuts because the one with the greater-than symbol increases the font size while the less-than symbol decreases it.

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Online Document Processing by Google

Word processing with out Microsoft Word?

Yes, you can do that online with the new features of Google’s – GoogleDocs. With it you can create documents, spreedsheets, slide presentation, or even survey forms.

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Can’t Install Yahoo Messenger on your Vista?

For those people who’s having trouble with the installation process for Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 on Windows Vista PCs or Notebook. Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 does run on Windows Vista and should work fine. Just to make sure and for best results, I recommend downloading and installing Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 while you’re logged in as Administrator on your Windows Vista computer. To help you guys in avoiding some obstacles please note the following simple procedure:

1.     Log in as Administrator,

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