Signs you May Need for a Faster SD Cards

Below are Signs We Need to Replace a Faster SD Cards Replacement:

SD Card are becoming more affordable now a days.  For as low as Php 200.00 you can buy a CLASS 10 SD Card that can read and write at 10mb/s. Unlike the previous years, SD Card are very costly.  So, what are the signs you may need to upgrade to a faster SD Card? Check out these (4) four symptoms:

#1 Long buffering – when you takes the shot using your camera, it freezes until the data is fully written or save to the SD Card.


#2 Corrupted video – video cameras might produce corrupted video files. If the SD Card speed is too slow or the camera may downgrade the video to match the speed of the SD Card. This could turn a full 1080p HD video into a video with much lower resolution.


#3 Shortened clips – this is when a camera has a higher writing speed than the Flash card, the camera will pause. The video clip will abruptly end once the speed limit of the SD card is reached.


#4 Not Working Burst Shooting Mode – many cameras have a burst mode feature. This is a feature if you press once your camera it produces a repeated series of photographs. It allows users to capture fast-moving events or subjects like cars, pets and children. Often if the SD Card writing speed is too slow, burst mode setting will not work.



If you have any of the above symptoms, I think it’s about time to think of upgrading your SD Cards  for your camera.  If you have more question about SD Cards please feel free to comment below.  On my next post I will discuss the different speed of SD Cards. Thanks for visiting…. 🙂

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