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Yes, it’s the famous Atty. Raymond Fortun alright. I was able to close a project with one of the famous law offices in the Philippines the – Raymond Fortun Law Offices. They handle legal services from famous celebrities to prominent politicians.

Here’s some of their significant clients:

* Pres. Joseph Ejercito Estrada

* Gov. Jose Villarosa

* Claudine Barretto

* Zsazsa Padilla

* Willy Revillame

* Janice de Belen

* Rico Blanco

* Princess Ocampo

* Ace Water Health & Spa Center

* Aimstaff, Incorporated

* Giligan’s Island

* IRS Equipment, Inc.

* Caceres Integrated Transport Services, Inc.

and a lot more.

I ‘am very grateful to Atty. Raymond Fortun and Ms. Michelle Geronimo for giving me a chance with this project.

About the Raymond Fortun Law Offices Design

When they discussed the requirements, they emphasized to make it simple, lightweight and informative in a single page website. They noted to stick with the black and white theme. So the first design was on a white background and black text and shade. But they suggested to change it to black. I changed the original design to black but ‘ find it stiff and think of away to make it livelier. That’s why I presented another design using a black wood and glass design theme. I made it more alive by adding lighting effect on the background. That’s how I came out with the design.

Project Specification:

The whole project involves the following:

Site Branding

Web Layout and Design

Java Script Animation

Search Engine Optimization

Web Hosting and Maintenance


Ms. Michelle Geronimo

Administrative Officer

Raymond Fortun Law Offices

137 CRM Avenue,

BF Homes Almanza, 1750

Las Piiias City, Philippines

Tel. # 805-2493/801-8007/799-3243

Fax # 805-2717

Email: mggeronimo@rfortunlaw.com

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